Client Testimonials

I watched you out there today and it was truly amazing. You are a warrior in the purest sense. Everything fits, every hit you take is calculated and your demeanor is professional yet relentless. Watching you in court today was truley one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. I want you to know how much our family appreciates what you did. I know you are protecting the United States of America, but when people like us become victims of a crime it”s comforting to know that we are not alone and someone is capable and willing to stand up for our rights. Regardless, of what the verdict becomes, you did a series of great things to defend the laws of this great nation and protect our rights under which those laws were meant. You are the real hero in all of this! I want to thank you for all that you have done on behalf of me and my family.

–Norman J. Misleh


Matt your legal skill/knowledge/expertise, word smithing, collaborative and inclusive style and belief in the importance of this work make you an absolute pleasure to work with… I feel certain that we will all be working together to develop other countywide ordinances to address underage and binge drinking. Again…it is a pleasure

–Kathy Staples, Division Manager, Training, Applied Research, AOD Prevention Division, Ventura County Behavioral Health Department


I’d like to thank Matt for all the work that he did and I am so relieved that the outcome was in my favor.

–Lucas Escobedo Ramirez


Oh my goodness, I was so worried that the outcome of my brother’s case would be awful; instead the charges were dismissed and my brother is free! I’m so relieved, Mr. Bromund did a fantastic job.

–Rosio Ramirez


Winning the case has changed my life! The District Attorney never considered the possibility that my angry ex-wife might be lying. Thanks to Matt, I was able to prove my innocence and continue my career. His work reminds me that justice is possible, with the right advocate.

–Pablo Garcia


Matt is the best! My divorce just drug on and on until I hired Matt. Within a couple of months, we had a deal, I had a settlement check and I had my freedom. He really cares and makes a difference.

–Bonnie Scott


Thank You Matt!!! You truly are the best!

–Coco Manzo Fernandez


I am so happy, calm and grateful for the work the BLG did for me.  I don't have to worry any more about my past hurting me with the immigration service.  Matt proved how great he is with cases and helping clients by winning my cases.  I am very pleased and delighted to recommend him.

- Liborio Hernandes Ramirez


Matt is a tremendous lawyer for Sailors, Marines and Veterans. He took his understanding of our culture of sacrifice and service and made it clear to the court that I was worthy of the benefit of the doubt.  My career continues today because of his advocacy on my behalf.

- Justin Gomez


My divorce was the most terrifying thing I ever faced.  The Bromund Law Group helped me through it and put me back on my feet again.  Now I am happier and more secure than I have ever been and I know their help made all the difference.

- Maria Villagomez