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In every type of legal matter, the stakes are high. Whether you are dealing with criminal charges, family law, immigration or another legal matter, it is essential to work with a skilled lawyer you can trust to protect your interests.  The Bromund Law Group is a team of skilled lawyers and professionals focused on just one thing: your interests.  Our success as a law firm is due in large part to relationship-building. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs, and we have built solid working relationships with local attorneys, prosecutors, police officers, experts and other important players in the local court system. Because they know our reputation for honest, professional legal practice, they trust us and work with us to get the best results possible.

We are committed to protecting  the rights of people who have been accused of crimes.  No one wants to be facing criminal charges, but if you have been charged with a crime, this is not the time to give up or settle for mediocre representation. This is the time when you need a dedicated, experienced advocate to protect your rights and remain at your side throughout the process.  At the Bromund Law Group, you will have the benefit of advocacy by a veteran trial attorney and the relationships cultivated by our firm over ten years of constant work in Ventura County and Southern California.

We offer sound legal advice and tenacious defense to people facing a variety of charges.

Every moment counts in criminal defense While the justice system says that all are innocent until proven guilty, even the implication of illicit or criminal actions can permanently damage your reputation, livelihood and relationships with others. You need an attorney who can begin working quickly when called upon for help — the prosecution starts gathering evidence against you from the moment you are arrested or indicted; what have you done to defend yourself?  At the Bromund Law Group, we have more than 15 years of experience defending against, and defeating, allegations of criminal misconduct by our clients.

We defend clients in state and federal court against all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • Drug and alcohol crimes — Including driving under the influence (/DUI) and possession, trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation and other drug crimes
  • Sex crimes — Including rape, sexual assault, stalking, molestation and child pornography
  • Violent crimes — Including assault and battery, homicide, and domestic violence
  • Theft crimes — Including larceny, grand theft and burglary
  • White collar crimes — Including fraud, embezzlement, extortion, blackmail, money laundering and racketeering
  • Traffic violations — Including red-light camera violations, speeding, reckless driving and driver's license revocations and suspensions of occupational licenses.
  • Weapons Charges—Including Possession of a loaded firearm, restoration of rights to possess firearms, Unlawful Possession of an Unregistered firearm


We have won jury trials and defeated false allegations of embezzlement, child molestation, driving under the influence of alcohol, extortion and attempted murder.  Our expertise is in knowing how to defeat the presumption of guilt that attaches to anyone charged with a heinous crime.  The truth is always subtle and complex, not simple and cut-and-dried as our police seem to believe.  We know that realizing justice in cases involving an infamous crime is a hard job but one that has to be done if our rights are to be protected.

Understand this:  If you are charged with a crime, you will be presumed guilty by the system and the first pool of prospective jurors.  The law says you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt but believing that those words is a fool's wager in today's society.  Instead, accept that we will be working to prove your innocence and that you need the most skilled advocacy to achieve what the law says you are entitled to by right: a fair trial and an acquittal if there is reasonable doubt about the charge against you.

With years of experience, we know when to negotiate with the prosecutor and when to fight aggressively in the court. We will help you determine the best strategic approach to minimize the consequences of the charges you are facing.

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