Ventura Divorce or Dissolution Attorneys

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family’s interests. Our firm assists clients in divorce, child custody, support, and complex property division matters, helping our clients make a confident transition into the next stage in their lives.

We have experience in marital dissolution proceedings, complex property division, child custody and “move-aways,” paternity, marital settlement agreements, and domestic violence cases. Our divorce clients include individuals from all public and private professions, including but not limited to medical professionals, sports professionals, the entertainment industry, and business owners.  The Bromund Law Group has handled cases of short-term marriages, long-term marriages, bigamous marriages and fraudulent marriages.  We have worked through resolutions where other firms have given up and felt that the case was unresolvable and supported our client's through years of litigation where the just outcome required tenacious advocacy.

We are committed to providing effective divorce and family law counsel to our clients. Our firm’s size, coupled with our legal infrastructure, allows us to efficiently manage our clients’ cases, thus minimizing the cost and time associated with even the most complex legal disputes.  Our goal is to achieve the most efficient and beneficial resolution, on your terms.  While other family law firms focus on maximizing the amount of conflict, we focus on maximizing your ability to move on beyond the divorce.  This starts at our intake, where we carefully listen and identify your top priorities in the dissolution.  For most of our clients, these tend to be two or three of the following:  


  • Speed (6 months is the minimum, by law, for a California dissolution proceeding; our cases are resolved, on average, with 3 months of active engagement by the Bromund Law Group)
  • Minimal Cost ($500 in court costs are unavoidable and obtaining a cost-effective dissolution on legal fees is often a top concern for families with young children or limited assets)
  • Fairness (How long and how hard our clients worked to make the relationship succeed and what impact that work has on their future prospects is often a critical concern driving a longer dissolution process; recognizing the just and fair outcome takes time and sometimes hard fighting)
  • Ownership of Important Assets (Community Property Law assumes that all property is created equal and is equally divisible; real-life says something very different.  If the business was built by one party to a marriage or the house was cherished and cared for by one more than the other, a skilled dissolution division will recognize that emotional attachment and realize its importance in the judgment.)
  • Emotional Closure (The law acts like your emotions don't matter; at the Bromund Law Group we know how much these cases impact our client's hearts and souls.  We will listen and respectfully acknowledge your experience.  When possible, we will obtain justice for you; when not possible, we will support you through the transition to a healthy single person.)  


We pride ourselves on consistently providing our clients with a personal brand of representation. Our goal is to help you make a successful transition to the next stage of your lives.


Complex Dissolutions

Complex Financial Issues arising from cases with a large community estate. It is important to complete a correct accounting of all assets and income from the marriage to determine cash flow available for support, community property vs. separate property interests, retirement benefits distribution, income tracing, and business valuation. Our experience includes working with forensic accountants, business evaluators and appraisers to advocate for your financial position.

In dissolution matters involving large community estates, it is necessary to complete a comprehensive accounting of all assets involved in the marriage. This process begins with a thorough investigation during the Discovery phase of the litigation. Using the information gathered, we work with appraisers and forensic accountants to correctly calculate community property and separate property interests. This is necessary for equitable division of the community’s assets upon finalization of the divorce.

If you suspect your spouse may have hidden assets or business relationships, you will need an experienced  Bromund Law Group attorney with the resources to investigate and trace unreported assets and income. Our office uses veteran private investigators to aid in the investigative process when the opposing party is attempting to conceal their income.  We use our own highly-educated staff of attorneys and paralegals to discover the true facts and insure that your community estate is not stolen through deception or concealment.