Lawyer Q & A


Why Should I Pay for an Attorney? I can fill out the forms myself and I can get a Public Defender for Free.

At the Bromund Law Group, we have received thousands of hours of training and successfully resolved hundreds of client’s cases. That experience allows us to handle your case much more effectively and efficiently. While you can spend less, you also get what you pay for. By committing your valuable resources to our work on your behalf, we can reduce your stress, increase your odds of success, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are handling your affairs responsibly.

Most importantly, we care about your family, your case, and a successful resolution to the challenges you face. We know your case is important and we will always treat it as such.


What Makes Your Firm Different from other Lawyers?

We work as a team of committed professionals. All our clients are known to all our team members. We emphasize clear communication and sound judgment in all we do. While we try always to minimize your costs, we won’t cut corners and limit your options. We are culturally sensitive and overwhelmingly bilingual in English and Spanish. Our experience is unique and our perspective is as well. We know the immigration and criminal justice system inside and out and know how to win.


What Are Your Payment Plan Options?

We will customize your financial plan to fit your abilities. Our fees are determined in advance and there are no hidden charges nor consultation fees. We are usually able to offer extended payment options for cases where the work will require extended time to complete. We require full payment prior to the conclusion of representation, however, and will expect you to uphold your payment plan with us. We can accept cash, check, or credit card payments and never charge you an additional fee based on the method of payment.


Are You the Cheapest Attorneys in Town?

No. You can find lawyers who will charge you less. You won’t find attorneys who do more to keep your costs under control. We don’t charge for the time spent responding to your emails. We don’t charge consultation fees. We don’t charge referral fees. We don’t charge credit card processing fees, postage fees, or fees to respond to you via text message. We only charge you our actual cost for most other expenses and are constantly looking for high-value vendors to minimize your costs there. We don’t charge full day trial fees, we break it into half-days to keep your costs down. Even with all that though, we are still expensive.

And we are worth it. Just ask our clients.