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No one focuses on your family more than the Bromund Law Group.

We are used to looking out for the little guy. In family law and estate planning cases this can be particularly important. At the Bromund Law Group, you have experienced advocates who know how to fight for what’s important.


Divorce & Marriage Dissolution

Ending a marriage is difficult under any circumstance.  We work diligently to obtain you the most time with your children and the most rational disposition of your property and debts.

Whether it means negotiating custody and visitation or property ownership and sale – we’ve successfully resolved over 600 dissolutions and divorces in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Pre-Marital Arrangements

There are a number of reasons a couple may decide to execute a prenuptial agreement.  No matter your motivation, we’ll treat your case with discretion and respect.

We’ve helped over 300 couples set their marriage up for success with pre-marital arrangements – we’d be happy to serve you, too.


Wills & Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is the only way to fight the government’s growing tendency to become more possessive of our lives and property. We can help you design a plan for property transfer and control over your physical welfare that keeps the government out of your way. By working now, we can make the moments of crisis easier for your friends and family to handle and insure your wishes are respected.

We have successfully planned more than 400 estates and defended the wishes of dozens of seniors against the interference of others.

No matter what your family law needs, trust the Bromund Law Group to handle your case with discretion and sensitivity.

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