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Published: 8 Apr 2021

Regional Advocacy Committee, The Goals of an Advocacy Campaign, Advocates: A New Type of Dispute Resolution, The Advocacy Manager of the NRC and more about advocacy manager job. Get more data about advocacy manager job for your career planning.

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Regional Advocacy Committee

A Regional Advocacy Committee is made up of people who use RehabCare's services or who are students in National Learning Network, that have been elected to represent them at a regional level.

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The Goals of an Advocacy Campaign

An advocacy campaign is a set of actions that are meant to get the attention of the public. Legislative Advocacy Resource Guide: Promoting Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina was published in 2005. The goals of an advocacy campaign can be summed up as drafting and passing a new law against domestic violence, reform of the judicial system, litigating a test case using international human rights standards in domestic courts, and monitoring the implementation of international human rights standards in a local context.

Advocacy for systems change should improve the protection of women's human rights. Advocacy initiatives should reflect country conditions. The human rights perspective of advocacy initiatives focuses on improving the human rights system at all levels, from local government institutions to the United Nations.

Advocates: A New Type of Dispute Resolution

Advocates help patients and staff members by answering questions, offering advice and resolving grievances. Advocates for full-time shifts are hired by healthcare facilities, mental health centers, retail businesses and service-based companies to work independently. Some advocates travel to meet with their own clients and provide services as independent contractors, in which case they are responsible for finding their own clients. Advocates report to either the hiring client or the immediate manager.

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The Advocacy Manager of the NRC

The Advocacy Manager will be responsible for leading and shaping NRC's advocacy and media strategies to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, to highlight the issues affecting civilians in Yemen, to tell their stories, and to stand up for their rights.

A Candidate with 3 Years Experience in Planning, Managing and Implementing Strategic Advocacy Projects

A successful candidate must have a degree in management, development studies, public policy, or related areas and have at least 3 years experience in planning, managing and implementing advocacy projects. Leading and managing processes of a strategic advocacy plan; brainstorming with team members at all stages of plan creation; recruiting and managing advocacy officers; supervising the work of outside consultants and suppliers; setting up financial systems and overseeing project budgets; proposing and lobbying initiatives for the organization.

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The Somalia Non-Foreign Rescue Commission (SNRC) Advocacy Manager

The NRC in Somalia is looking for an Advocacy Manager to provide overall leadership, management and strategic direction to the policy and advocacy work. The role is responsible for identifying factors driving the humanitarian crisis in the country and for producing advocacy materials for policy, research, analysis and guidance for the NRC global network.

Supporting people with learning disabilities in decisions about supported living

You might support people with decisions about housing, disability living allowance, care planning, medical decisions, financial planning and hospital admissions. You can provide advocacy for someone with a learning disability and support them to make decisions about living in supported living.

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Speed dialing

How would you like to have your own advocate on speed dial? Even if you had been in the business for a long time. We are about to give you the best thing.

The Policy & Advocacy Manager

Policy & Advocacy Managers are responsible for shaping the organisation's response to policy trends. They play a key role in horizon scanning and maximising the opportunities for external engagement for the organisation. The Policy & Advocacy Manager is a policy professional with experience in analysis, development and project management who can help with consumer policy issues.

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Employee advocacy on social media

Over the past few years, employee advocacy has been one of the most popular buzzwords in human resources, marketing and sales. Most brands have yet to truly use employees as marketing, sales or recruiting assets. The way brands use employee advocacy has changed because of social media.

The reality is that brands need to incorporate social into their marketing strategies. Some brands will look at employee advocacy and wonder if it is worth the investment. With the hiring market becoming more competitive and changes to the way consumers shop, employee advocacy is more important than ever.

According to data from the Hinge Research Institute, almost 70% of companies with formal employee advocacy programs credit advocacy with attracting new business. 45% of new revenue streams are attributed to employee advocacy. Over the past few years, employee advocacy has increased in popularity.

45% of people think employee advocacy is a top external objective, and interest in employee advocacy has grown 191% since the year of the inauguration. You might not be setting up an employee advocacy program just because it is fun. Hopefully you will get something out of it.

Setting clear goals and metrics will allow you to see if your efforts are paying off. Just telling your employees which articles you want them to use to use their social media accounts leaves too much room for error. If you are using Bambu by Sprout Social, you will want to make sure your team is well trained on how the software works.

Child Protection Services at a Child Advocacy Center

A child advocacy center is a place where children can receive services from professionals in one location. Child protection services are provided directly by centers, which include forensic interviews, medical evaluations, mental health services and other family and victim advocate services.

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Care Management in Complex Healthcare Systems

In a complex healthcare system, patients receive care from multiple providers, all of whom are considered specialists because they focus on delivering care in one key area. The care manager has to put all aspects of care together to create a comprehensive view of the patient. Care managers have to manage patients and be aware of the constant change that comes with human nature.

The stage of change is part of the challenge. Although the patient knows they have to stop smoking, they may not be ready to make a change in their behavior. The stage of readiness is assessed by care managers and then they must guide the patient through the process until they are ready to commit to improving their health.

Care managers can interact with patients and understand their beliefs based on cultural and religious background. One culture may not see a pregnant woman as a priority, leading to women not seeking care. A patient may not believe in blood transfusions for religious reasons.

The care manager needs to understand the patient's viewpoint and advocate for it. One way a care manager can practice cultural competence is by asking the right questions to understand a patient's actual circumstances, rather than jumping to conclusions or making assumptions based on past experience or first impressions. A care manager will take the time to get to know the patient and approach the care plan from a different perspective.

Care management is a part of the strategy for population health. The care manager must earn the trust of the individual providers, who may not have had personal experience with care management. The best way to get buy-in from the top is to show leadership a successful case example, and this can mean advocating for a chance to incorporate a complex patient into a care management program.

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