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Published: 19 Feb 2020

The ACS Technicians, The Pay of Airframe Structural Technicians in the United States and Other Region, The Construction of Functional Units and Equipment for Spacecraft, Aircraft And Missile and more about aircraft structures technician job. Get more data about aircraft structures technician job for your career planning.

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The ACS Technicians

A level is the authorization that allows a POM to sign for work. Level "A" signatories are required to inspect all POM paperwork and do more paperwork than they do hands on work. The POM's Level "A" signature shows that the POM did a safe repair and that the paperwork is in order.

The Level "A" personnel are the only ones who can be granted the authorization to be an assessors, and they are also the teaching force for the apprentices. The only personnel who can sign off on sub tasks and task areas is the scrutineers. The work of the ACS techs is usually done in shops and on hangar floors, but they can also find themselves on ships, in the field, or on deployment to the World.

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The Pay of Airframe Structural Technicians in the United States and Other Region

An aircraft structural technician is a mechanic who builds and maintains the physical structures of aircraft. A airframe technician is also known as an aircraft structural technician. Some work for manufacturers in a factory setting, while others work for airlines or aviation service companies.

Some industries pay higher wages for technicians. The salaries of aircraft mechanics and service technicians vary by industry. The average salary for express delivery services is 77,990 per year.

The average yearly salary for parts and products is $68,560. The airlines paid an average of $86,960 a year. The average salary of airframe technicians was $58.890.

Some states offer higher structural technician salaries due to a greater concentration of aviation industries. Rhode Island had the highest average pay of $86,670 per year in the May 2020 statistics, followed by Nevada at $84,570 per year. New Jersey, Colorado and Minnesota were among the national leaders paying over $80,000.

The Construction of Functional Units and Equipment for Spacecraft, Aircraft And Missile

Installation of functional units, parts, and equipment, such as landing gear, control surfaces, doors, and floorboards, is accomplished by assembling tail, wing, fuselage, or other structural section of aircraft, space vehicles, and missiles from parts, subassemblies, and components.

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On-wing versus off-wild operations of aircraft maintenance

The smallest maintenance organization would only be involved with a limited number of light aircraft, or aircraft components, used for commercial air transport. Light aircraft don't demand the same level of resources, facilities, or complex maintenance procedures as large organizations. The maintenance workplace is more variable and less predictable.

Maintenance technicians are often forced to work in cramped and limited workspace which is not designed to allow maintenance operations. The engineering department of an airline was the main one that carried out aircraft maintenance in the early days of commercial aviation. As the volume of work increased, airlines identified aircraft maintenance as a non-core function.

Independent organizations have come into being who do aircraft maintenance for a number of airlines. The execution and recording of maintenance activities are different when the maintenance is done on-wing or off-wing, which is the main difference between regular plant or machinery maintenance and aircraft maintenance. The on-wing maintenance activities are regulated to the point that the life data is kept until the aircraft goes out of service, and it is important that the history of the maintenance is kept until the aircraft goes out of service.

The Structural Mechanics on Aircraft

The Structural Mechanic works on aircrafts that are rated to be repaired or enhanced by the crew. The jobs call for the fabrication of sheet metals for replacements of worn aircraft body parts, flight control surfaces, fuel cell and tank cleaning and restoration, pylon and windshield replacements, and compliance to FAA maintenance bulletin, based on supplied engineering blueprints.

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