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Published: 8 Feb 2020

Strategic Alliances: How to Make the Deal, The Role of the Alliance Manager, The Alliance Manager, The Alliance Manager's Relationship, The Alliance Managers and more about alliance manager job. Get more data about alliance manager job for your career planning.

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Strategic Alliances: How to Make the Deal

A major industrial equipment manufacturer has just agreed to partner with a leading power company to develop, manufacture and market a new battery that introduces significant innovation and reduces environmental waste. You are excited about the new relationship as project manager on the battery program. You like that your responsibilities are going to include engaging with people from outside the company, because the company has begun to engage in some significant strategic alliances.

The engineers in your program are talented, so collaborating with another company should not be a problem. You will run the project the same way you always have, just considering the partner as one of the stakeholders. It is no longer a question of whether to ally or not, but how to do it right.

Alliances foster innovation, provide resources and spread risk. Alliances waste resources, create unnecessary risks and exhaust people. By nature alliances are complex.

Many alliances aren't successful despite their promise Managing alliances is not something that can be done for the faint of heart. Alliance managers have the responsibility to ensure effective governance of the relationship, protect their company's assets and maximize long-term value for the company, its partners and customers.

The managers of the alliance focus on the collaborative work of the alliance, which involves partnering organizations and unifying independent functions to ensure activities are coordinated, communication flows, decisions are made and resources are used to achieve the goals of the alliance. They are the people who make the alliance work. Steve Steinhilber, vice president of strategic alliances at the company, describes alliance managers as, "Conductors who craft a compelling business plan, get executive buy- in."

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The Role of the Alliance Manager

Ask five people from different organizations what an alliance is and you might get different definitions. It is almost impossible to come up with a single definition for the role of an alliance manager. One person might be responsible for enabling the sale of your products, while another person might be more focused on a project with a partner.

The first one will be leaning towards sales and the other will be towards R&D. An alliance manager needs to be able to see the alliance in a clear way. They need to be aware of what is happening in their own organization.

The alliance manager will need to analyze the constantly changing information and suggest and implement adjustments where needed. Alliance management is a full-spectrum business management. The coordinating of alliances is a large part of a business.

On the other hand, the alliance manager needs to have a good understanding of financials, business, development, and sales to be able to organize the alliance. The alliance manager needs to think outside the box. They need to identify new opportunities in order to continuously evolve the alliance.

The Alliance Manager

The alliance manager is focused on the joint relationship. The alliance manager is more like a lobbyist than a diplomat. The ideal format is one plus one, three or more.

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The Alliance Manager's Relationship

The alliance manager and project manager have a special relationship that is related to the success of the relationship. During the partner identification and negotiation period, team members are expected to be dedicated and time-committible, and this commitment continues throughout the alliance.

The Alliance Managers

The alliance managers are well-equipped to get a job in the top brass of management. The position of an alliance manager is desirable, but a lot of hard work is involved.

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The Alliance Manager's Role

The alliance manager's responsibilities make sure that all business and operations run smoothly. Joint ventures are also known as alliances. Today's business world is filled with alliances.

They are a great way to increase profits. The main requirement for an alliance manager is to coordinate. The alliance cannot function without proper communication.

The manager is in charge of the operation. The alliance manager is usually a part of the company but they have to work impartially. They are supposed to be up to speed on the latest technology because they are managing work and reporting to managements of two or more companies.

They have to use equipment. The manager should know about the high-end product if the alliance is about manufacturing it. Sometimes companies can have the position of an alliance director, in which case the managers have to report to the director.

The Offices of Alliance Manager

The offices of alliance managers should be well lit, well organized and presentable to accommodate guests, as well as being suitable in making for strategies and plans. They have meetings with company partners. If the company deals with international groups of large corporations, then travel is expected. If deadlines are met, overtime will be necessary.

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The Alliance Manager: A Role Played by the General Manager

The alliance manager might need to be more of a diplomat than a conductor. The role has no connections with performers in an alliance. To get things done, the alliance professional needs to win over colleagues and alliance partners by persuasion and by getting them to support the alliance.

Skills in alliance management will be useful in diplomacy and lobbying. The alliance professional needs to coordinate the execution of the strategy of the alliance, where a conductor sets the pace for the orchestrand executes the music. It is more than just about executing the strategy.

It is also about suggesting changes to the strategy when the alliance develops. A conductor needs to have good musical skills to understand what is happening in the orchestra. The alliance professional needs to have the skills of a business manager to understand what is happening.

How much business did the alliance sell?

The research was simple, they took a group of alliance salesmen and put them on a series of Alliance Best Practice training courses, then they looked to see if the training had any benefit by looking at how much extra business the candidates conducted after the training. Within six months of attending the training courses, course attendees sold 40% more business than non course attendees. The best results were obtained by candidates who could not only understand alliance best practice but could also put it into practice at appropriate times. Knowledge and experience were combined to make up competency.

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The demand for Alliance Manager salaries in the UK over 6 months to 7 October 2021

The table below shows the demand the median salaries quoted in IT jobs that require Alliance Manager in the UK over the 6 months to 7 October 2021. The 'Rank Change' column shows the change in demand in each location over the same period last year.

How Successful Are Corporate Alliances?

Studies show that the number of corporate alliances increases by 25% a year, yet the failure rate for alliances is between 60% and 70%. Despite an abundance of advice on how to make alliances work, that dismal record hasn't improved in the past decade.

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