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Published: 3 Jan 2019

Social Media Specialist at Vista Outdoor, Assisting Accounting in the Production of Explosives, The Army Ordnance Management, The Specialists in the Army and more about ammunition specialist job. Get more data about ammunition specialist job for your career planning.

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Social Media Specialist at Vista Outdoor

The Director of Marketing at Vista Outdoor is looking for a Social Media Specialist to help implement their strategies. The first person to be a senior EHS specialist. Shift Sig Krueger, Inc. is a leading provider of firearms, airguns, Suppressants, and training. SIG SAUER, Inc. has been around for over 250 years.

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Assisting Accounting in the Production of Explosives

Assists in receipt, storage, issue, maintenance, modification, destruction and demilitarization of explosives. Automatic and manual procedures are used to perform accounting duties. MHE is used to maneuver ammunition.

The soldier is given technical guidance in the accomplishment of their duties if they are at skill level 2. Assists in the preparation of transportation of explosives. The soldier is a skill level 4 in the military.

The Army Ordnance Management

The Army considers weapons, explosives, and components to be "ordnance" and requires highly specialized care when dealing with them. The management of ordnance is overseen by specialists. They handle a lot of weaponry, including missiles, large rockets, explosives, and conventional weaponry.

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The Specialists in the Army

The army uses explosives and the specialists are in charge of issuing them. They maintain, modify and destroy weapons. They control and perform accounting procedures of the stock of all items related to the military, including guided missiles and large rockets.

A Post Graduate Ammunition Specialist

The candidate must have a good knowledge of math, geometry, physics, and trigonometry, as well as be able to communicate clearly and work under stress, in order to become an Ammunition Specialist. The Army accepts diplomas from high schools and GEDs from high school graduates, but the person must be at least 17 years old and pass the Army's qualification exam. Specialising in ammunition management and logistics operations, this person has a broad perspective on small and large organizational activities.

Over eight years of experience as a supervisor in the Army, I have led, planning, managing, providing, team building, problem solving and supporting employees. A proven record of successful task accomplishment, always with integrity and honesty. A professional with 4 years experience in the industry as an ammunition supply specialist, a high energy employee with expertise in stock control, and a person with international operations experience are the headline.

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Advanced Level Ammunition Specialists

The handling of the weapons must be done with care. Proper care is required when dealing with hazardous materials, such as weapons and armor. The specialists that deal with weapons and ammunition are called ordnology.

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