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Author: Lisa
Published: 16 Mar 2019

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Analytical Chemists

Analytical Chemists rely on their knowledge of chemistry and analytic skills to solve problems and improve manufacturing processes. Analytical Chemist can try to improve the chemical composition of a material to make it more durable or flexible. Analytical Chemists can help physicians analyze the chemical makeup of diseases.

It is a career that can be used in many different ways. Analytical Chemist may need to test the chemical composition of a material to determine its resistance to heat. Testing for the presence of harmful chemicals or evaluating the rate of degradation of materials are some examples of testing scenarios.

Analytical Chemists often work with other scientists and technical staff to improve products and processes. You can work with Engineers to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes that use chemicals. Analytical Chemists can work with Materials Scientists to improve the properties of a material.

The results of research by analytical chemists are often published. Peer review is a chance for other professionals to review your work. You can review the work submitted by other Chemists.

Analytical Chemists use a variety of tools and equipment. They need to calibrate the equipment before they conduct experiments. Entry-level workers and specialized technicians complete most of the maintenance in a large laboratory.

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