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Published: 12 Mar 2020

Building Estimators: A New Perspective, A Resume Example for a Construction Estimator, New Construction Estimation: A Career in Information Processing, The Owner's Contract and the Architect and more about architectural construction estimator job. Get more data about architectural construction estimator job for your career planning.

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Building Estimators: A New Perspective

A building estimator is responsible for preparing the budget for both big and small construction projects. The building estimator is expected to audit projects, prepare cost estimates and manage overall building expenses no matter what the project is for. It is the responsibility of workers in more senior positions to negotiate prices with suppliers.

Let's put estimating the costs of a building project in another perspective if you're wondering about it. An estimator is supposed to ensure a construction project is profitable while negotiating the best price to win a contract. It is important for prospective estimators to know that securing the business of a client does not always mean coming up with the lowest price.

If the quote is outrageously low, the customer is going to become suspicious of the work quality and most likely choose a slightly costlier competitor. Building and construction are the same. The lowest quote is not always the best option because of the quality factor.

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A Resume Example for a Construction Estimator

A construction Estimor can be referred to as one who prepares estimates of probable costs of materials, labor, and equipment, and subcontracts for construction projects based on contract bids, quotations, schematic drawings, and specifications. A construction Estimator is responsible for collecting and analyzing data in order to calculate the time, money, materials, and labor needed to build a building. A construction estimator needs a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction science, or any other relevant field with several years of professional experience to be considered for academic qualifications.

New Construction Estimation: A Career in Information Processing

Estimators who are focused on new construction are required to be able to read and understand plans. They must be able to complete take-offs. The take-offs are the process of removing the information that is needed to make a competent bid.

The final price for the project is arrived at when the information is entered into the company estimating system. Estimators are required to have good math skills. Simple math skills are used to develop bids and estimates.

Estimators need to be very detail oriented. Building a career as a construction estimator requires attention to detail. Projects failing are caused by overlooking key information.

A lot of information is needed to develop a construction estimate. Estimators must be able to consider a number of aspects when developing estimates. Candidates for construction estimating need to be able to gather information from the site and design a solution that complies with the requirements of the building owner, the building code, the product manufacturer and the insurance company.

Both residential and commercial estimating have the same foundation. Both require successful estimators to have strong math skills and a high attention to detail. The performance of the job can be affected by details that are overlooked.

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The Owner's Contract and the Architect

The 1997 edition of the American Institute of Architects Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Architect, B141-1997, fundamentally changes the role of the Architect in controlling construction costs. The new section is a restatement of old Subparagraphs 2.5, 2.3.2, and 2.4.3 with one critical difference. There is a

An Architectural Approach to a Project Description

India has changed due to its widespread urbanization. There has been rapid construction of many things. The Union government is planning to put a lot of money into the infrastructure sector by the year 2024, which will cause a lot of architecture job opportunities.

The responsibilities of an architect will be enhanced many times in the future. The project budget would include cost estimation at every step of the project to control the expense. Architects and engineers discuss the structure of the building with one another.

The cost of material and construction time are evaluated by both architects and engineers. The budget includes a detailed presentation of either complete construction or just a part. An architect's role is not limited to designing on papers, it is also the process of finishing structures.

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A Construction Estimator Job Description

The construction estimator position requires good budgeting skills. Estimators should be able to assess the best prices for a project. Candidates will need to be able to collect and evaluate construction costs with a final goal of producing a budget or a contract bid.

Make sure you use concise bullet points when you draft the construction estimator job responsibilities section. You will want to start each entry with a strong action verbs that shows what the responsibility will require. You should include between six and eight bullet points in your construction job description.

By giving candidates a clear picture of what they will be doing, you can give them more information to make up their mind. The specifications of your construction estimator job description can help weed out unqualified candidates at the beginning, so you don't have to look at resumes from candidates who don't qualify. Make sure that anyone involved in the hiring process understands what you need from the person you hire, so they don't bring under qualified people in for interviews.

Multi-Phased Projects from Five Thousand to 50 Million Dollar

Multi-phased projects from five thousand dollars up to 50 million dollars were managed and overseen. Knowledge of submission data requirements.

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Estimators: Construction Cost Calculation and Preparation

Estimators calculate costs and prepare estimates for construction projects. You can work for any of the construction companies or major electrical, mechanical and trade contractors. You can also provide your services on a contract basis.

Keeping an Organizational Mind in Cost Estimation

All those numbers have to be kept in order and that means having good organizational skills. The numbers can change in a second. Estimators need to be able to keep track of all of it.

You have to know what you're looking at. All the numbers and data that you'll be looking at will need to be evaluated and interpreted in order to make a competitive and accurate bid. Estimators can be more proficient with cost estimating software that helps them get the balance of speed and accuracy.

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Multi-Task Estimator

A multi- tasker. It is a requirement for sustained growth to juggler multiple estimates. Estimators work on more than one project at a time.

While there is an intense focus on a specific project, they can be interrupted for clarifications or questions on other estimates or projects. It is important for them to have the ability to balance several tasks at once, while maintaining accuracy on the information pertinent to the project at hand. Field experience is a big part of creating the best estimators.

The Construction Estimation Skills Program

The construction estimating skills program is designed to prepare students to perform the work that is part of the construction trade and other related professions.

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Estimators: A Safety-Preserving Trade in Construction

Estimators prepare estimates for construction projects. They may specialize in estimating costs for civil engineering, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical construction projects, or they may specialize in estimating costs for one construction trade in particular. They are employed by construction companies and contractors.

In some cases they may be self employed, and in smaller organizations they may perform other tasks. Estimators work in offices but spend time on construction sites meeting with project stakeholders. They work with construction supervisors and managers to make sure reports are accurate.

Training Landscapers

It might seem obvious, but it is not. There are a number of companies that are willing to train the right person. Do you know a landscaper?

Ask how they estimate lawns. Do you know a general contractor? Ask them what it takes to be a construction estimator.

Using Virtual Design and Construction to Improve the Efficiency of Projects

Estimators perform one of the most important jobs in the construction industry to reduce financial risk before a project begins. Estimating is one of the most difficult tasks in the industry due to the complexity and unpredictable nature of construction. If you can't develop an accurate estimate, you will be stuck with cost overruns and delays, or you can finish the project on time and under budget.

The difference between winning and not is the construction estimating. The price you have set is not the only thing that reflects the bid. A bid will give you a sense of thoroughness, attention to detail, and transparency, as your first communication with a potential client.

You can not bill for work that is not on the schedule. Knowing your costs up front at every stage of construction will allow you to bill them as soon as they are incurred. If you didn't include renting a crane in your estimate, it's going to be hard to put it on the application for payment.

The standard five phases of the design process coincide with the five tiers of estimate. They are called tiers because they grow in complexity as the design is finalized. Sometimes all of them will be used in a project.

In a design-build process, the estimators are on board from the conceptual phase of design and will use each estimate level along the way. An Architect might pull an Estimor into a project at some point along the design process to check that they are within budget. The contractor only gets one shot in traditional bidding, based on the final construction documents.

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