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Published: 15 Aug 2021

The Army Band Music Corps, Military Intel Systems Maintainers, The Army Career Skills Program, Chartered Engineers: A Course for Professional Qualified Officer Candidates and more about army bandperson job. Get more data about army bandperson job for your career planning.

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The Army Band Music Corps

Music is an important part of the Army. The Army Bands perform at many Army ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals, dances and other events. Musicians play in a variety of groups, from jazz band to small ensemble.

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Military Intel Systems Maintainers

Military Intel Systems maintainer have an important role within intelligence and training is long. The subjects include how to extract data from fixed, portable and wireless communication devices, as well as maintaining, testing and repairing the Army's communication equipment. Future Army infantrymen is the heart and soul of the military branch.

AIT is a short term event. The school lasts four weeks and is focused on marksmanship and scouting. Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle System maintainers must attend a lot of AIT.

Engine repair and tune-up is taught in a classroom. The MOS 91M learns how to fix mechanical and electrical problems. Field training gives you the chance to experience it.

Future Army Divers begin their training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, before moving to Panama City for the majority of their time. AIT introduces new recruits to the principles of scuba and surface-supplied diving. Divers learn how to cut and welding underwater.

The Army Power Line Distribution Specialists are trained at Fort Leonard Wood. Maintenance of electrical power distribution systems, installing poles accessories and transformers, and maintenance of airfield lighting systems are some of the subjects. There is an emphasis on technical and manufacturer publications.

The Army Career Skills Program

The Department of Defense SkillBridge program helps service members get degrees that are relevant to the civilian workforce. The Army Career Skills Program is a version of SkillBridge. Soldiers who are separated can conduct pre-employment programs to help them get employment after they leave the military.

The Army Career Skills Program is designed to help Soldiers get industry recognized credentials and learn new skills in order to get jobs. If approved, the Soldier can conduct an internship or apprenticeship with an approved company or apprenticeship program co-located with the Soldier's duty station during the last six months of their active duty prior to leaving. The Army Career Skills Program has helped many Soldiers prepare for life after the Army in the civilian workforce.

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Chartered Engineers: A Course for Professional Qualified Officer Candidates

The courses will help you develop your skills in your role. The courses will link your training, education and role during the early stages of your Army career. If you leave the Army, you'll be taught business skills like team leadership, project management and strategic management, which will stand you in good stead.

If you're training or have already been qualified as a doctor, vet, nurse, dentist, or lawyer, you can join the Army as a Professionally Qualified Officer. You will be supported with your professional development, you will earn a competitive salary and you will get to enjoy the adventurous lifestyle that the Army offers. Sandhurst training takes 44 weeks, compared to the 20 weeks regular officers take.

The Army offers the opportunity to progress to higher qualifications, including full degrees, if you work there. The Royal Engineers or Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers will help you get civilian qualifications. Gaining a status as a Chartered Engineer is a possibility.

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