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Published: 14 Mar 2020

Asset Integrity Engineer, TWI: A Life Cycle Assessment for Asset Integrity Engineers, The Impact of AIM on Oil and Gas Infrastructure Integrity and more about asset integrity engineer job. Get more data about asset integrity engineer job for your career planning.

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Asset Integrity Engineer

The process that improves operational reliability, safety and asset protection is referred to as Asset Integrity and it is done at the same time helping to maximize plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industries such as Oil and Gas. An Integrity Engineer would be responsible for coordinating efficient and cost-effective implementation of inspections and integrity management programs and to ensure the integrity of plant facilities. It may be applied with a pre-nominal of mechanical, inspection, asset, well or well head, technical, pipe, signal, Fabrication or Commissioning depending upon the equipment or system under scrutiny.

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TWI: A Life Cycle Assessment for Asset Integrity Engineers

Ensuring that an asset will perform its desired function over its life cycle is what asset integrity engineers focus on. AIM engineers have a constant challenge in balancing the design, maintenance and replacement of assets throughout their life cycle, while still being economical in terms of time and resources. Ecological costs are being considered in weighing different options and in operating plant and machinery in an eco-friendly way. TWI supports life cycle assessments to help asset managers consider environmental factors in their decisions.

The Impact of AIM on Oil and Gas Infrastructure Integrity

The business challenge for asset managers is how to balance the costs of designing, maintenance, and replacement of assets with the costs of business in terms of time, resources, and finance. The managing of assets is the heart of it. The oil and gas industry's infrastructure is approaching or aging past its operational life expectancy.

Assets integrity is now considered a watchword by people because of the high cost of replacing assets and the high turn around time. Most of the time maintenance, inspection, and data management is conducted with the best of intentions, and is built on the belief that the majority of people within the company will do things properly. Things are often not completed in a timely manner.

Simple solutions like more frequent inspections won't necessarily scoop up every missed issue, nor will it engender a spirit of enthusiasm if workers are asked to increase their inspection work. There are more AIM systems on the market, but there are still no out-of-the-box solutions. Integrity systems are still seen as separate from the rest of operations, even though no inspection plan or database can deal with all the AIM issues.

Staff can be unwilling to take ownership of their responsibilities, instead seeing the suite of AIM packages as an attempt by the company to police them, rather than integral part of their role. The average rating of the professionals who own companies that have an AIM rating was 5.4 out of ten, as half of asset integrity professionals have had their budgets cut. Only 52 per cent of people thought their job load was sustainable, and the majority only had a small budget.

The two greatest issues according to those in asset integrity are budget and age of assets. The lack of communication between departments is the greatest flaw that oil and gas companies have. Work to be done.

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Integrity Engineering in the Age of Aging

In a world after Macondo and Piper Alpha, the role of integrity engineering has been under scrutiny. Operators can identify and reduce safety risks before they escalate, and asset integrity can also be a major factor in extending the life of aging assets.

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Asset Integrity Management

The Asset Integrity Business Unit is responsible for the safe, efficient and effective execution of integrity engineering in both On and offshore assets. To make sure that the offshore and onshore personnel are reassured that the legislation and company Integrity Management policies are implemented and complied with. To work with the asset management On and offshore team to review the integrity management of Assess, Inspect and repair performance as a factor in the management of major accident Hazards.

The Integrity Engineer at AIE

The integrity engineer will be responsible for the assessment and analysis of integrity management activities. The Integrity Engineer will be responsible for technically reviewing and aligning the day to day inspection activities of the team. AIE is a leading provider of asset integrity, sustainable training and digital services which improve reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximize plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industries such as Oil and Gas, Utilities, Mining, Renewables and Nuclear.

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