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Published: 10 Feb 2020

Asset Protection under Joint Ownership of Property, A Florida State Law for Limited Liability Companies, Asset Protection for Business and Personal Property and more about asset protection agent job. Get more data about asset protection agent job for your career planning.

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Asset Protection under Joint Ownership of Property

Asset protection is the use of strategies to protect one's wealth. Financial planning is meant to protect one's assets from creditor claims. Assets are protected by individuals and businesses to limit the access of their debts.

If a debtor has few assets, it may better to file for bankruptcy. Proactive asset protection is typically advised if significant assets are involved. Assets can be protected by jointly-held property under the coverage of tenants.

A married couple who hold mutual interest in property under tenants by entirety share a claim to a whole piece of property. The combined ownership of the property means that liens and other claims against one spouse cannot be attached to the property. Tenants by entirety would not protect the asset from being pursued by a creditor if there were claims against both spouses.

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A Florida State Law for Limited Liability Companies

Laws in all fifty U.S. states protect the owners of corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies from the risks of the entity. Many states limit the remedies of a creditor of a limited partner or member in an entity, which provides some protection for the assets of the entity from the other party's creditor. There are laws that allow a creditor to pierce the corporate veil of an entity and go after the owners for their debts.

It is possible for a creditor of a member to reach the assets of an entity through a constructive trust claim or reverse piercing of a corporate veil. The Cook Islands have developed a reputation for being the best offshore jurisdiction for asset protection trusts, and so does the island of Nevis. The Delaware limited liability statute has a few added advantages over the Nevis limited liability company statute.

Asset Protection for Business and Personal Property

A comprehensive asset-protection plan is designed to prevent or significantly reduce risk by shielding your business and personal assets from the claims of your creditor. Most small-business owners don't know that there are risks that can hurt their business and that there are options to protect themselves. An asset-protection plan can help prevent the seizure of your assets after a judgment by using legal strategies.

Don't wait if you haven't already put your asset-protection plan in place. The plan will likely be stronger the longer it is in existence. Strategies used in asset-protection planning include separate legal structures.

The structures that will work best for you depend on the types of assets you own and the types of creditor you are most likely to be sued by. External claims can encompass your personal assets as well. If the same corporation owned a truck that you negligently drove into a crowd of pedestrians, the injured could not only file a lawsuit against the corporation, but also you, and satisfy any judgment from corporate assets as well as your personal assets.

Knowing the type of claims that can be made will allow you to plan for the worst and protect your property from seizure. It is important to understand which assets are more vulnerable to claims. The risk of liability is created by the so-called dangerous asset.

Rental real estate, commercial property, business assets, such as tools and equipment, and motor vehicles are examples of dangerous assets. Safe assets do not promote a high degree of liability. Individually owned bank accounts and stocks do not incorporate risk.

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Asset Protection for Debtors in Florida

A debtor's assets are structured to make it more difficult for a current or future judgment creditor to collect on those assets. At any stage of debt asset protection can be helpful. It is never too late to protect assets.

Even after a lawsuit is filed, certain asset protection strategies are still viable. Potential liability can still be avoided before it arises. Florida is considered to be one of the best states for asset protection because of its generous creditor exemption laws.

Florida law provides an unlimited protection of the homestead and also provides protection for tenants by entireties assets, head of household wages, retirement accounts, annuities, life insurance, and more. If a judgment is entered against you in Florida, the judgment creditor can find out your financial information and begin to collect on the judgment. Legal methods are used to protect what you have and your income from collection.

There are protections based on common law or legal tradition. Appellate judges establish common law individual cases. Courts define Florida asset protection through their interpretation of the constitution.

Common law legal tradition has consistent interpretations. Common law is applied in courts even though the principals are in the Florida Constitution or Florida statutes. Florida Statutes do not allow creditor execution of assets.

A Competitive Salary Package for Asset Protection Managers

If the asset protection agent responsibilities are well-handled, a person can be promoted to a senior position like an asset protection manager that will include added responsibilities along with a competitive salary package.

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A New Job in Asset Protection Management

Enthusiastic, highly motivated, positive professional with strong customer service experience, outstanding communication skills, hands-on computer proficient, with an open mind to new experiences and ideas, with a will to give back to the community and serve as an asset, is looking for a new job. Headline: Asset Protection Management with knowledge of local laws and policy and procedures accompanied; Extensive hands on training on Microsoft Word, excel and Intellex Systems Creative problem-solver and marketer who can see the big picture while never losing sight of details that deliver results. The asset protection agent has excellent communication skills and keeps detailed logs of important events.

Testimony in court and assisting law enforcement investigations are what you experience when you have experience. Capable of acting quickly during crises. Over 8 years in private security.

Retail Safety Assurance

A professional asset protection specialist with a strong record of retail safety assurance. Relating detail to investigating and resolving discrepancies. Able to work independently and in coordination with management and external authorities.

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Asset Protection in Lowe's Home Improvement Facilities

A well-versed asset protection agent with a background in Lowe's Home Improvement facilities. Through advanced workplace focus and conflict management skills, we can identify and prevent attempted theft. Provide a visible deterrent to crime.

Personable leader with ability to detect suspicious activity and minimize threats. Highly familiar with signs and behaviors indicating attempted theft and capable of providing measured responses to developing situations. Evidence of attempted theft and recovered merchandise can be documented.

Carefully watch and supervise customer's activities in the store to detect signs of attempted theft. Represent the prosecution by appearing in court hearings to give honest and comprehensive account of events. Training programs on Asset Protection can help decrease loss.

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