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Published: 2 Jan 2020

An Asset Protection Specialist, Retail Safety Assurance, The Asset Protection Specialists and more about assets protection specialist job. Get more data about assets protection specialist job for your career planning.

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An Asset Protection Specialist

It is important that you protect your business from theft, fraud or any form of malicious attempt that will affect the growth of your business. To do this, you would need the services of an asset protection specialist. An Assets Protection Specialist is a person who protects financial assets of their clients and prevents loss that may occur through theft or fraud.

The position involves actively looking for parts of the company that are at risk of inventory shrinkage or financial loss risks. The salary you will get as an asset protection specialist is dependent on a number of factors, such as the nature of the employer, the level of certification, and the level of experience you have. You can complete high school and get a GED.

Depending on the employer, you may be able to get a job as an assets protection specialist with as little as a high school or GED. Determine if you want to pursue a degree. A certificate or diploma can increase your job prospects and help you gain useful knowledge for your career as an assets protection specialist.

If you want to become an assets protection specialist, you should consider becoming a sales associate, cashier, security guard or officer. It is possible to impress hiring managers and stand out in the pool of applicants with relevant experience. To be a successful asset protection associate, you must have good attention to detail, stay aware of suspicious activity, and act quickly to protect company merchandise.

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Retail Safety Assurance

A professional asset protection specialist with a strong record of retail safety assurance. Relating detail to investigating and resolving discrepancies. Able to work independently and in coordination with management and external authorities.

The Asset Protection Specialists

The asset protection specialists are primarily responsible for preventing financial loss caused by theft and fraud and supporting safety and environmental program compliance in their assigned store or multiple stores. They use a variety of tools to minimize loss, including but not limited to identifying incidents of theft and fraud, reviewing the store's physical security, auditing the electronic article surveillance, and driving a "shrink elimination" culture in the store. Responsibilities include: preparing accurate and detailed case reports documenting apprehensions and recoveries, preserving evidence, interacting with law enforcement and testifying in criminal and civil court actions.

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