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Published: 26 Feb 2020

Golf Professions, The Pro Shop of a Golf Course, The Role of the Director Of Instruction in a Golf Course, The Top Ten Benefits of Teaching Golf Professional and more about assistant golf professional job. Get more data about assistant golf professional job for your career planning.

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Golf Professions

A golf pro is someone who makes money by playing golf. Golf pros can be anything from the manager of a club or resort to certified coaches who teach people how to play golf. A passion and aptitude for the sport are common denominators of all golf professionals.

A professional golfer is someone who plays golf for a living, playing on major tours. The three main professions of golf pros are touring professional, club professional and instructor. Each profession has its own requirements and responsibilities.

Golfers who don't succeed at becoming touring professionals are usually club professionals or instructors. All professions require daily involvement in the sport along with knowledge of correct techniques and the rules of the game. Golf instructors are either employed with a club, hotel or resort or are independent contractors.

They are highly successful and technically skilled golfers who have an ability to convey technique and Gameplay through verbal instruction and physical demonstrations. They understand weaknesses in a student's game and will help the student make improvements. Golf instructors working for a club or resort may have additional responsibilities, including managing assistant instructors, supervising caddies, and telling the groundskeepers about turf problems.

Most golf pros spend a lot of time outdoors since golf is a game that must be played outside. The amount of physical activity is higher than the average occupation, but less than most other sports. Golf pros have to carry heavy bags with clubs and other equipment when walking and climbing hills.

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The Pro Shop of a Golf Course

A PGA club professional is a jack of all trades and his duties vary widely. A club pro needs to be able to teach and manage different ages and abilities, manage the operations of the golf course, market the golf course to potential new players and members, and work with the greenskeeping crew. The pro shop is a key profit center for a golf course.

The club pro's duties include ordering merchandise, stocking the shop, selling merchandise and understanding the needs and desires of the club's golfers. A pro's skill in buying and selling the right merchandise can make a big difference in a club's bottom line. The golf course's day-to-day operations are overseen by a PGA club pro.

The duties include organizing and communicating tee time policies, working out the details of club competitions and tournaments, insuring a good pace of play, and supervising other members of the golf staff. Public relations and promotion of the club are some of the duties of a club pro. The pro acts as a psychologist for individual club members.

A club pro understands how to relate to members on an individual basis, as they run the gamut in personality and behaviors. It's important for a club pro to get to know the members as both people and golfers. A club pro who relates well to the members creates a harmonious atmosphere that is good for a successful career.

The Role of the Director Of Instruction in a Golf Course

Sometimes you have to fill more than one role. You will probably teach golf. Other options include repairing clubs, selling golf products or designing courses.

A teaching professional is someone who teaches golf. The Director of Instruction is the position that determines your sub-classification. The main role of a golf pro is what determines their sub-classification.

Being a PGA Tour Player is not the same as being a golf professional. Tour players can be members of the PGA with their own classifications, but it's not mandatory for them to be on the tour. A person who has qualified through the mini tour is a PGA Tour Player.

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The Top Ten Benefits of Teaching Golf Professional

The job of a golf professional is a dream career for many avid golfers. There is a lot of hard work to get to a professional level. The most gifted players are the ones who can make a living on the mini-tours.

Professional golfers find careers as teachers and golf course managers after years of study and preparation. Most of the professionals who work at golf courses are certified to teach. Some people derive most of their income by helping others improve their skills.

The apprenticeship program of the association helps golf professionals develop their teaching methods. Professional teachers are expected to enroll in continuing education programs, including courses in management, marketing and golf course ownership. In addition to teaching, the professionals of the PGA work in retail and equipment companies, which requires travel.

The world's top teaching professionals can make seven-figure salaries, but according to several career websites, salaries for golf professionals at local courses range from $25,000 to $150,000 a year. Tour professionals can make millions of dollars annually by playing, endorsements and being a product spokesman. The Tour's earnings list shows that players at the bottom of the rankings can make as little as $6,000 annually.

The Job Opportunities of Head Golf Pros

Those who become golf professionals can fill many shoes. Some teachers teach the mental side of the game. Golf pros help run businesses, buy merchandise, and oversee maintenance at courses.

A golf professional must have the ability to work with people. Golf pros must be able to work with people who are respectful. They must be able to help the public with their golfing needs and teach them how to play the game.

They are required to be able to run daily reports regarding course play and sales, create and maintain staff schedules, and organize and oversee golf tournaments and events. Golf pros are expected to work early morning hours and spend a lot of time on their feet. They must be in good physical condition to do their jobs and to set an example for the staff and players.

They are expected to work during the weekend and holidays when the weather is nice. The environment is the main benefit of being a golf pro, and it can be an ideal atmosphere if you work in a golf facility that is sunny. Most jobs require a high school or college degree.

Some golf facilities require their golf professionals to have college degrees. Professionals who want to earn certification through the United States Golf Teaching Federation must do so. The professional golfer may have to go through the PGA Professional Golf Management Program to test their golfing ability.

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The PGA Career Services Department

The PGA Career Services Department offers a variety of resources to meet the hiring requirements demanded by employers, while better serving employers, PGA Members and individuals who are looking to gain employment in the golf industry. Jim Remy joined a team of 19 field consultants across the country to forge stronger relationships with Members and employers, as the PGA is committed to ensuring that PGA Members and golf industry professionals are prepared and equipped to advance their career path to the highest level.

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