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Published: 23 Feb 2020

Assistant Program Director: A Business Management Perspective, The Management of the Departments Of Defense, Assistant Program Director for the Catherine's Cottage Program and more about assistant program director job. Get more data about assistant program director job for your career planning.

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Assistant Program Director: A Business Management Perspective

You can tell the responsibilities of the assistant program director by their organization. The program assistant director's responsibilities all have the same goal - to execute the organizational programs in the best possible manner and enhance the productivity, profit and goodwill. A bachelor's degree in business management, computer science, mass communication, or any related field is required to become an assistant program director. Preference is given to candidates who have worked in similar positions before.

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The Management of the Departments Of Defense

Program Directors have assistants complete clerical tasks. They help the Program Director in creating application programs, make recommendations to increase program efficiency, and give feedback to staff. Skills such as communication, organization, proactivity, attention to details, computer proficiency, and teamwork are mentioned in well-written resume examples for the job.

Employers prefer resumes that show an Associate's Degree in an area such as business or management. Over 8000 initial entry and advanced technical training Department of Defense students are supported by managed education and training. The Dean of Academics and the Department Chairperson had a liaison.

Assistant Program Director for the Catherine's Cottage Program

The Salvation Army is looking for a full-time assistant program director to work in the Central Maryland Area Command. Catherine's Cottage is a Salvation Army program that provides safe housing, intensive case management, and other wrap-around services to adult female-identifying survivors of human trafficking. Direct services are provided based on a trauma-informed approach.

Catherine's. Cottage is a program for adults who have experienced human traffickers. The assistant program director is in charge of the Catherine's Cottage program, a residential program for survivors of human traffickers.

The incumbent is responsible for case management, residential program management, and supervision of program staff, interns, and volunteers. The program will be monitored by the incumbent. The position will work in line with the philosophy, policies, procedures of the program and The Salvation Army.

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Assistant Director: Project Management and Evaluation

An assistant director supports the director to develop strategies, design projects, track progress goals, and evaluate and improve performance. The assistant director can also be involved in projects.

Program Assistants: A General Framework for Non-Profit Organizational Personnel

A program assistant is a person who works with a group of people. Their primary duties include conducting research. Administrative support is common.

Program assistants can vary in their duties depending on what program leaders need. Administrative assistants are mostly handling administrative tasks like record keeping and data entry. Program assistants may have other, more specialized tasks to complete, based on what the general staff needs.

Program assistants are often required to maintain client files. Program assistants will communicate with clients and relay information between upper management and general staff. A Program Assistant works most of the time in the office and is usually on call Monday to Friday.

Sometimes a Program Assistant will have to meet with a client or see venues outside of the office. Program assistants are rarely required to travel themselves, but they may organize travel for executives when necessary. A Program Assistant is responsible for scheduling meetings, organizing files, and answering phones.

They often have to manage contact lists, organize event logistics, and budget their daily tasks. Program assistants need to balance many tasks at once and previous experience with clerical work is important. Program Assistant roles are similar to those in for-profit companies.

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The Assistant Program Director

The assistant program director is responsible for assisting in the operational, managerial, and administrative duties. The assistant program director must keep a flexible work schedule that includes working hours other than the regular schedule.

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