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Published: 25 Mar 2020

Managing Creative Director, Associate Creative Directors, The Creative Director, Set Designers for Production Design, Associate Creative Director in the Gaming Industry and more about associate creative director job. Get more data about associate creative director job for your career planning.

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Managing Creative Director

To be successful as an Associate Creative Director you should be able to develop innovative and insightful ideas. An Associate Creative Director is a creative powerhouse with the ability to motivate and direct their team in the design and production of best-in-class solutions across different platforms.

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Associate Creative Directors

Associate Creative Directors are part of the support staff. They help Creative Directors with their direction and campaigns, as well as supervise teams and staff on multiple design projects. The associate creative director is a leader, a creative mind and a project manager.

They work in advertising or entertainment agencies. Associate Creative Directors need to stay up to date with the latest trends and social media fads. They must research marketing trends and technologies to best serve their design department.

The Creative Director

A creative director is in charge of the creative department. Their duties include planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, revising presentations, and shaping brand standards. Also referred to as a designer.

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Set Designers for Production Design

The set designer works with the director to create a scenic design. They create an initial design based on conversations and mood boards. They create a model-box of the finished set design and talk to the creative team about how it works before sending it off to the set builders.

They work with the costume designer and lighting designer to make sure the design is workable and works with the overall design of the show. The lighting designer decides which lights are used on a production and how they are used to create the lighting design within the budget. They work closely with the other designers and the technical team to create the design.

They sit with the lighting programmer to program the show into the venue's lighting board during technical rehearsals. They are considered a consultant on how their design is reproduced from venue to venue if the show tours. The lighting designer is responsible for lighting the stage and helping to tell the story of the production by focusing on different characters and sections of the stage.

The casting director helps the creative team in casting a production. The casting director is responsible for advertising and fielding applications for roles in the production. Casting directors can be useful in higher level productions.

Associate Creative Director in the Gaming Industry

An associate creative director is hired in advertising agencies, publication house, production house, apparel industries, animation studios, and for many other forms of print and electronic media. An associate creative director is accountable for delivering outstanding results. The associate creative director in the gaming industry is responsible for briefing the project requirements to the designing and development team and supervising all stages of production to make sure deadlines are met.

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Managing deadlines in the creative industry

You should be aware of the latest industry trends as an associate creative director. You should have a good idea of the competitor market. You should be able to manage deadlines.

Creating Graphic Design for Strong57 Agency

A professional creative director with over eight years of experience is skilled in relationship-building and team concept development. Seeking a position with Strong 57 Agency. InnerVista created in-house graphic design department that saved clients $450K per year and grew their client base 27% in 14 months. Landed accounts with Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and Comcast are worth a combined $5.3 million annually.

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Creative Design

The roles of the art directors and creative directors differ in the design process. Creative directors lay out a theme to determine the scope of a project. They work with leadership in each area to explain and direct a concept.

The details of a design are implemented by art directors. They use various artistic tools to execute their vision. Creative directors work full-time in office environments, using a computer to create, store and communicate ideas.

Creative directors can work with clients to create a vision and implement designs. They work with other artists, photographers and designers frequently. They may work with the marketing, editorial and advertising departments.

Their work is fast paced. They spend most of the day at a desk. Some creative directors are self-employed and work on a contractual basis.

The director position requires five to 10 years on a creative team. They could be a graphic designer, photographer, or similar position to gain experience in creative design. They may work in another leadership position before being hired as a creative director.

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