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Published: 13 Feb 2020

Associate Editors in Publications, The Editorial Board of a Newspaper, The Job Outlook of Editorial Managers, Managing Editors: Compensation and Compensation Expectations and more about associate managing editor job. Get more data about associate managing editor job for your career planning.

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Associate Editors in Publications

An associate editor is usually an editor who helps a senior editor with writing, editing and selecting content. The job description can be different depending on the publication. An associate editor needs an undergraduate degree in journalism, communication or a specialized field to be relevant to the publication.

Employers that require a degree and years of editorial experience are rare. There are many jobs in newspapers, magazines, websites and journals. The duties of an associate editor are dependent on the publication.

The associate editor's job description outlines some of the responsibilities. The senior editor might need to help with the day-to-day aspects of the publication, such as selecting articles and images. If the publication accepts submissions from writers, photographers and videographers, they might have to coordinate their activities.

Any industry, company organization that publishes documents on a regular basis can find associate editor jobs. A science journal might hire associate editors to work with a team of science editors to review and select high-quality submissions for publishing. Government publications that educate people on local policies and events might hire editors to gather information and decide where to put articles and pictures.

Editors in popular publications often need extensive networking. The requirements for an associate editor position are a degree in the field and several years of journalism experience. An advanced degree in a field related to a topic is required for a topic-specific publication.

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The Editorial Board of a Newspaper

The managing editor reports to the editor-in-chief, who has final responsibility for news decisions. Newspapers and magazines have managing editors. They are also responsible for supervising newscasts on traditional networks.

The Job Outlook of Editorial Managers

Writing and editing are not the end of the business. Managing editors must use various marketing strategies to get more people to read the published content. Most publications require their managing editors to have a bachelor's degree in English, journalism, communications, or a related field.

A degree can be used to make up for work experience in the writing and editing industry. Candidates with prior writing and editing experience are preferred by publications. Managing editors usually receive a short training program.

Most publications give their managing editors resources like style guides, which they can use to absorb the flavor and tone of the publication. The training for managing editors is usually limited to email or in person. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median annual salary for editors is over $60,000.

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Managing Editors: Compensation and Compensation Expectations

A Managing Editor is a person who creates content strategies and oversees their implementation. Their main duties include managing a team of writers, editors and graphic designers, monitoring the results of various content campaigns and editing content pieces to ensure they follow tone and style guides. The Managing Editor salary is calculated by taking the total salary and subtracting it from the year.

Depending on whether you hire for a full- or part-time employee, pay rates can vary a lot. Experience level is a factor in salary expectations. A bachelor's degree in a related field is required for Managing Editors.

Editors with a background that is related to the company's creation may be hired by some businesses. A company that produces scientific publications would want a Managing Editor with a degree in education in a related scientific field. Managing Editors don't need specific certifications, but some may get accreditations in areas like copy editing.

Entry-level candidates may be looking for their first job out of graduate school, but you may also come across Managing Editors who are looking to advance. Some applicants may come from areas like project management, which can be used as qualifications for your role. Managing Editors have experience in leadership and project management, and they are successful.

Managing Editors can work in an agency setting, where they build marketing campaigns for various clients. Some Managing Editors work for newspapers and magazine outlets, and they oversee a staff of writers and editors. They will usually work to make sure their team writes entertaining stories that are distributed on time.

An Associate Manager of a Large Organization

The managing editor has an associate managing editor. The main responsibilities of the associate managing editor are to make the work of the writers reader friendly so that it reaches a diverse range of population. The responsibilities of an associate managing editor can be similar in nature if the organization is larger.

If you want to work as an associate managing editor, you need to have a bachelor's degree in any relevant field. An experience in a similar profile with a responsible experience in journalism, editing or research will prove to beneficial. A demonstrated experience that demonstrates your writing, editing skills will help you handle the responsibility of a managing editor.

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The Editorial Manager in a Publication

A managing editor is in charge of the day to day operations of a publication and they must generate story ideas, oversee spending and production schedules, commission stories, and supervise editorial staff. The role may also be used to monitor and edit social media posts. The professional task includes assigning and editing articles, posting content online, creating an editorial calendar, and maintaining publications deadline.

The Managing Editor of the BABAR Group

The Managing Editor is responsible for the daily publishing operations of the company. Managing Director taks include assigning and editing articles, posting content online, managing editorial staff, developing editorial calendar and maintaining publication deadlines.

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The Editor in Chief and the Manager of a Small Publication

Sometimes the titles "editor in chief" and "managing editor" are used interchangeably by people who don't understand their roles. They are two different jobs. The editor in chief is similar to the CEO of the company, while the managing editor is more like the COO.

Smaller publications may not have a managing editor. The editor in chief and the managing editor work together to make sure the publication covers a wide range of topics and reports on all sides of a topic. Both are involved in the community and industry and may attend events to show the publication's interest and keep up with the news.

Editorial Management in Content Marketing

The managing editor is an essential role that any company looking to start in content marketing will need to fill. Traditional marketing and social media skills are helpful for organizations that want to change their marketing machine from a campaign-based to content focused. A set of skills that can vastly differ from what trained brand marketers possess is what teams need someone who can create, manage, and measure an editorial plan. While the basics of social and search engine marketing are important, it is important that your editor understands how to make sure your content is relevant to your marketing goals.

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Editorial Board of Review Editors

As an Associate Editor, you are expected to play a vital role in the growth and development of the specialty. You need to be part of a team of associate editors and also be in it. You are in charge of the peer-review process of the manuscripts.

You should form a Board of Review Editors within the first few days of your appointment as an Associate Editor. The Associate Editors are advised to look for the diversity while choosing the Review Editors in the aspects such as; gender balance, geographical spread, different foci of the research within the scope of specialty. They can be chosen from a variety of people.

The Review Editors are given attractive discounts in the Journal as they complete their review assignments, and they join the Editorial Board. The Associate Editors are encouraged to build a pool of Review Editors. Think about the research topic and the articles that will be written about it.

The research-proposed topics and abstract submissions for proposed contributions help for a better research focus. The research topics must be hosted by at least 2 Editors. The review process is overseen by the Editors.

The Associate Managing Editor for DTES

The Associate Managing Editor for DTES will be responsible for the timely production of high-quality editorial output for the brand to create the pre-eminent Spanish language consumer technology media brand in the United States. The Associate Managing Editor will have a deep knowledge of the consumer technology space and the most popular companies and brands in the space.

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