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Published: 4 Jan 2019

Auto Body Painting Experience, The Industrialization of Automotive Paint, Automotive Body Repair Jobs in New York, Auto Body Technicians: The Value of a Technical College Degree and more about auto body painter job. Get more data about auto body painter job for your career planning.

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Auto Body Painting Experience

An auto body painter applies paint via brushes or spray on different transport such as trucks, cars, boats and ships. The main tasks of auto body painters are polishing old or damaged surfaces and painting new cars. In some cases, auto body painters have to work on repair jobs after an accident, so they have to check for dents and decay.

Repairs to restore vehicles to pre-accident state are done with a sense of urgency and detail to avoid waste and rework later in the process. The professional uses his or her skills and experience to mix the solution and use the painting equipment effectively. The auto body painter profession is projected to grow at a consistent rate between the years of 2014 and 2024.

There will be demand for auto body painters in the future as the automotive industries grow. On a full time basis, auto body painters work five hours a day, five days a week. Some people prefer to work on a part time basis if other activities are involved.

A high school degree is required for an auto body painter. If one has to move a valid driving license around for auto body work, it is necessary to have a valid driving license. The experience of about four years in auto body painting is needed by aspiring applicants.

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The Industrialization of Automotive Paint

The early days of the automobile industry saw paint applied manually and dried at room temperature. The paint was dried in ovens as mass production began. Paint is dried in a few hours with robotic arms.

Heavy metals used in automotive paint were once lead, chromium, and other heavy metals. The move to water-based paints was caused by environmental laws prohibiting this. The lacquer paint can be a pollutant.

Automotive Body Repair Jobs in New York

Most of the job positions don't require a college degree. Employers want some skills in auto body repair. Knowledge of specialty painting techniques is needed. The candidate should be able to do all aspects of auto body painting.

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Auto Body Technicians: The Value of a Technical College Degree

The path to an exciting career in auto paint tech is provided by the decision to become an auto paint technician. There are a lot of accidents on the roads. The need for auto body repair is called for.

Part of the process involves painting vehicles. The final touches on collision repair are done by the paint technicians who can make a car look like it came out of the showroom. The courses for an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Auto Body Technology take two years to complete, as long as students attend on a full-time basis.

The curriculum for the certificate programs at technical colleges takes one year to complete. Both are well-respected in the auto body repair community. The value of a paint technician education is shown when they enter the job market.

Employers are looking to hire new technicians who have been trained. A certificate of completion or an associate degree will increase the earning potential of a paint technician. Many programs will help students find employment and help them get into the profession quickly.

Some auto paint shops have relationships with local schools and hire graduates when they complete their programs. The salary is dependent on the auto body center. Paint and refinishing costs can be much higher at higher end collision centers.

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