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Published: 3 Feb 2020

Car Detailers, VivaHR: Auto Detailer Software, Car Detailer Qualifications, Auto Detailing: A Tool for Reselling Used Cars, Auto Detailers, Getting the Most Out of Your Auto Detailing Tools and more about auto detailer job. Get more data about auto detailer job for your career planning.

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Car Detailers

Car detailers provide cleaning services that meet company or client specifications. They handle everything from a simple wash and vacuum to more intensive cleaning jobs, including hand washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying waxes, polishes, or protective agents to cars.

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VivaHR: Auto Detailer Software

An auto detailer cleans the interior and exterior of cars to fulfill the needs of their employers or clients. An auto detailer is often responsible for washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and adding waxes, polishes, or protection chemicals to cars. VivaHR software can be used to match your needs and make it easier to find a job. An auto detailer will clean automobiles according to business standards, including detailed inspections, thorough washing, buffing, and waxing of exteriors, vacuuming, steaming, deodorizing of interiors, and maintaining maintenance records of gas levels and vehicle condition.

Car Detailer Qualifications

Car detailers work in a number of places, including auto dealerships, car wash establishments, car retailers, and car prep and transportation companies. Recruiters expect applicants to meet certain requirements to prove they will be able to perform the objectives, purpose, and obligations of the car detailer job.

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Auto Detailing: A Tool for Reselling Used Cars

An auto detailer takes the typical car wash and vacuum and makes it as presentable as possible. Used car dealers use auto detailers to increase the resale of their cars. Some people hire a detailer to get a better result than the standard car wash.

An auto detailer focuses on the details. Dirt and dirt are removed from the surface. Carpets and upholstery can be cleaned.

The dashboard is usually cleaned and coated with a vinyl protectant, but some use baby oil as a cheap and effective alternative. The windows are cleaned and polished. An auto detailer can restore a car that is dirty and new to its former glory.

Many detailers are trained to service multiple cars. Sometimes the need for new paint can be eliminated by the use of a detailer, who can remove stubborn upholstery stains and improve the condition of weathered paint. A good auto detailer can make more money than the cost of detailing when selling a used car.

A car of little value is not worth the time and expense of a good detail before resale. The quality of work should be included in the price comparisons. Ask the local car dealers where they take their cars to be detailed and see an example of the detail work they do.

Auto Detailers

The auto detailers spend their time making cars look great. To do this, auto detailers need to be able to use a variety of equipment, cleaners, polishes and waxes, as well as have a good eye for detail. There are auto detailers at car dealerships, auto-detailing shops and in mobile services.

The demand for auto detailers increases as ownership increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 10 percent growth for the Cleaners of Vehicles and Equipment. More than 15,000 openings will be created in the field.

The exterior components of automobiles are one of the most important tasks of auto detailers. The exterior is the most visible part of the body. The auto detailers do a lot of things, from cleaning the engine to waxing the car's body.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Auto Detailing Tools

Before you start your auto detailing career, you should have a few basic equipment on hand that you can use at any time. You will need a collection of detailing towels, which you will rely on for cleaning, drying, polishing and much more. You will want to get some chamois towels, as they are capable of absorbing a high amount of water.

A microfiber towel will leave a vehicle streak-free. You should invest in a wash bucket, a dirt filter and a bucket dolly to make the washing process more efficient. The tools used for automotive detailing will be different from those used on the exterior.

The first thing you need is a vacuum cleaner, which is used to remove dust and debris from a vehicle. A carpet and upholstery extractor can be used to deep clean dirt and remove stains. A detailing steamer is helpful for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as well as spot treating any stains.

The Professional Auto Detailers Association

The exterior and interior of cars are cleaned by detailers. They can work at car dealerships, car rental agencies, body repair shops or carwashes. The Detailer uses various products, equipment and techniques to clean a car that goes far beyond the scope of a routine carwash.

The exteriors of cars are also cleaned by detailers. They do a lot of things to protect the paint jobs of the cars they work on. They spend a lot of time cleaning the tires and the underside.

They may be called upon to fix small defects. The detailers are responsible for managing supplies. They have to keep a close eye on the chemicals and products they have on hand.

They also maintain and repair all equipment and make sure the proper safety gear is available for use. The International Detailing Association is the leading trade association. They want to promote detail work as a professional trade and help members with job growth and opportunities.

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A Career in Auto Detailing

Being a car detailer is a very satisfying career. You are responsible for making cars look good, and you get to work on the inside and outside of vehicles. If you are a good detailer, you can work with individual customers and also do work for auto shows and dealerships to help them get their vehicles looking top notch.

If you love cars, you will get to be around them a lot and make sure they look their best. If you like to wash and wax your car on Saturdays, then you may be a good choice for a career as a car detailer. It is a simple career to pursue.

Take some automotive classes. You don't need a college degree to become a car detailer. You should have a high school degree and some experience working with cars.

If you did well in auto shop classes in high school, that should be enough. If you didn't take auto shop in high school, you may want to take a one-semester shop course at your local community college. A shop course can make it easier for you to land a job as an auto detailer, and can also help your pay.

Many mechanics and auto shops have detailers as well, in addition to detailing specialists. If you see a company that needs a detailer, you can give them a call. Ask the detailer about open positions if you start reaching out.

The Rise and Fall of Auto Detailing

The hourly wage can be as high as $17 in some states and as low as $10 in others. Demand, competition, and cost of living are some of the factors that can affect your hourly wages. If you want to come into work and just leave, I would suggest working at the car wash attendant.

If you are considering starting your own business or just love auto detailing, then working for a mobile detailer is probably the better route. Overall, auto detailing is a great way to make a lot of money for yourself, and the outlook for it is pretty good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects it to grow by around 11% per year.

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