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Published: 24 Apr 2021

Parts Coordinator, Auto Parts Manager in a Fleet Management Environment, Inventory Management, Parts Manager: A Must-have, The Pay and Benefits of Part Specialist Candidates and more about auto parts coordinator job. Get more data about auto parts coordinator job for your career planning.

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Parts Coordinator

As a parts coordinators, you have to maintain a stock of spare parts, quote prices to customers, manage backorders, and maintain vendor relations, including ensuring invoices, shipment slips, and other billing issues are taken care of promptly. You make sure that your department is able to fulfill customers' delivery requests by inspecting inventory. When inventory is low, you order the parts to make sure they are on hand. Parts coordinators work in warehouses and other departments.

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Auto Parts Manager in a Fleet Management Environment

The operations department of fleet owners has auto parts managers working there. They are responsible for making sure the outlet has the right parts mix and inventory levels to meet demand. Parts managers make an important contribution to productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction by maintaining an efficient parts operation.

Parts managers have to make decisions. In a franchised dealership, they have to keep stock of the replacement parts that the service department needs in order to carry out scheduled servicing and repairs. In an independent service center or parts factory, the parts manager has to make decisions about inventory because they have to cover the needs of different manufacturers.

Managers look at stock usage to identify parts and products that are only needed occasionally. Parts managers must identify suppliers that can provide replacement parts that meet auto manufacturers' specifications. They purchase original parts from the manufacturer.

They can source popular parts from independent parts manufacturers who meet quality standards. Parts managers negotiate terms with suppliers to improve profitability. Parts managers are responsible for sales to external customers, as well as supplying parts for their company's service operations.

The company may have a parts counter. The parts counter offers a variety of accessories and service parts. The parts manager may also have a team of sales representatives who deal with fleet operators.

Inventory Management

The auto parts manager has a duty to purchase inventory. Some types of stock, such as belts and hoses that are frequently needed, tend to move faster than parts that are rarely replaced. You must know which parts move the fastest and keep more of those items in stock without tying up too much of the company's money.

Control methods and daily reporting help you understand how many parts you should keep and what parts are not moving fast enough. Managers should have a stronger knowledge base than sales representatives because they can use it to help customers. You could be available to answer questions for customers or work the counter.

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Parts Manager: A Must-have

You must be organized to be successful as a parts manager. A good parts manager is able to anticipate the needs of production workers and ensure that all materials are provided.

The Pay and Benefits of Part Specialist Candidates

The minimum requirement to become a parts specialist is a high school degree, although some companies may prefer applicants with an associate's degree in a relevant subject. Parts specialists need to know the parts and equipment they oversee. Employers prefer candidates with sales or managerial experience if the role involves purchasing.

The median annual salary for parts specialists is over $37,000. The parts specialists in the 10th percentile make around $20,000 annually, while the highest paid earn over $55,000 a year. Top earners can take home bonuses of up to $8,000 and can also take home profit-sharing opportunities of up to $10,000.

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