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Published: 23 Mar 2020

Volkswagen Engineers: The Case for Sustainable Electric Vehicle Development, Writing a Job Description: A Case Study, Aiming for the Future: An Efficient Production Worker and more about automotive production job. Get more data about automotive production job for your career planning.

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Volkswagen Engineers: The Case for Sustainable Electric Vehicle Development

It would suggest that all the automotive companies would have their engineers participate in deceptive measures to make sure their cars can be sold. Consumers are not able to make a rational decision if they are led to believe that a car they are interested in buying passes all emission or safety tests. If engineers within the automotive industry worked to deceive standard tests, it would not be possible for consumers to make fully informed choices.

The actions of the Volkswagen engineers were not ethical. The Volkswagen emissions scandal shows how corporate pressures influenced engineers to fool emission tests and expose people around the world to increased levels of harmful air pollution. The Volkswagen engineers were found to be unethical for deceiving the public and not accounting for the well being.

An engineer has an ethical responsibility to sustainable practices while facing corporate pressures. The Act Utilitarian Approach has consequences for engineers involved with the development of electric vehicles, but also has consequences for the push for sustainable development. Engineers are trying to make a difference by developing transportation systems that have less adverse effects on the environment.

Reducing the use of nonrenewable resources, such as oil, and lowering the concentration of harmful pollutants, are two ways that automotive engineers are making sustainable design decisions. The decisions made by engineers pressured to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles encourages others to do the same. Over the past decade, car manufacturers around the globe have released increasingly efficient electric vehicles in order to stay competitive.

Engineers are continuing to design innovative solutions, as shown by the improvements in electric vehicle range, weight, and even performance. The environmental impact of the manufacturing and use of electric vehicles could be greatly reduced if engineers continued to develop sustainable car technology. Engineers involved in the development of electric vehicles are ethical.

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Writing a Job Description: A Case Study

You have to balance a personal and professional tone in order to write a great job description. It is only fitting that your job description contains engaging and dynamic language because it is important for your company to attract new employees. There are certain steps that you can take to increase your chances of success, even though writing the right type of description may seem like a complex task.

If you need help writing a description, use the sample below as a guide. You will be responsible for managing a diverse manufacturing team. Your main goal is to organize staff members and get a reasonable work flow.

Aiming for the Future: An Efficient Production Worker

To be successful as a production worker you need to be able to work quickly and accurately. An outstanding production worker should be able to maintain production standards and work towards improving productivity.

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Mechanics in Government and Automotive Service Settings

People who own their own businesses and mechanics who work for government agencies earn higher salaries. The mechanics working for private service outlets earn less than the ones working for gasoline stations. There are a variety of automotive service settings, including car dealers, tire stores, oil change operations, gas stations, and full-service repair shops. Some mechanics take on management functions such as setting prices, advertising, training, and supervising staff.

Auto Engineers

The primary duties of tire technicians are to service, repair and replace car tires to create a fuel-efficient and smooth ride for the driver. They are knowledgeable about various tire types and treads. A tire technician can be employed by a tire specialty repair shop or by a larger automotive technician team at a large auto body shop.

The primary duties of auto engineers are research, develop and design technical systems in vehicles. They work with the development and design team to use sophisticated technology in a safe and user-friendly way. The auto engineer can continue to improve upon their previous technologies or develop new ones based on the current market trends.

They try to fix any problems that arise during the design process. They work with the process engineer to plan and develop the manufacturing process for their technological components. Process engineers handle the engineering of the plant production process by maintaining automated systems.

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The Toyota Production System: A Social Process Founded in the Early 1900s

The division of labor is ancient social concept that is related to efficient and cost-effective car production lines. The concept of the division of labor has been studied, analyzed, and implemented across many industries. Each worker in a division of labor model handles a single task that eventually becomes second nature.

Individual parts are constructed in a way that promotes efficiency and reduces production costs. The division of labor has its pitfalls, the most significant of which is reduced worker satisfaction over the long term and less opportunity for promotion. The way in which labor is divided is not necessarily by ability or skill, but by a single task per worker.

The division of labor was made famous by the contributions of early scholars such as Durkheim, and by manufacturing pioneers in the shipbuilding industry. The mass production of interchangeable components is seen in China in the 12th century. The mass production of various metal components was ordered by many state-run monopolies.

Europe embraced mass production in the town of Venice in the early 1100s. The Venetian Arsenal was to become the largest industrial complex in the world. The arsenal encompassed 15 percent of Venice by area and employed more than 16,000 workers.

The Venetians suggested the idea of mass production of parts on canals rather than using mechanical belts, but it was not until Henry Ford did it that the idea became a reality. In the 1500s, an entire ship could be put together in a single day. A pair of leather boots or a motor vehicle are examples of custom-made items that are superior to the rest.

The History of Automotive Production Lines

Production lines seem to have been around for a long time, but they have been around for longer than that. A production line uses a division of labor. In a division of labor system, everyone takes a small piece of the job, bringing the smaller parts together until the work is done.

The process was a bit slow, but still, those jobs required a little skill. People discovered the process could move a lot faster with a more mechanized process. The people making the product could be less skilled if they use more machinery.

A milliner now only needs to find a person who can load fabric into a cutting machine to make hat fabric, instead of having to find a worker who knows how to cut hat fabric. Workers had to run fabric through a sewing machine to learn how to sew. Henry Ford took the idea of improved automotive production line and improved it.

The de-assembly line was used for Ford's assembly line. Henry Ford's assembly line was built on the same idea as Olds' and was far more efficient. Workers were assigned to one specific task.

Each task had a production area. A lot of workers are needed for an automotive production line. It takes thousands of individual tasks to put a car together.

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