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Published: 7 Mar 2021

A Career in Automotive, Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanicians: Career Opportunities in the Next Decade, Automotive Body and Glass Repair, What Should You Do When Renting a Car and more about automotive rental occupations job. Get more data about automotive rental occupations job for your career planning.

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A Career in Automotive

Jay Leno has a reality television series about his collection of vintage cars, but not everyone can do that, so you can still enjoy a rewarding career in the automotive industry. There are many automotive jobs to consider, from underneath the hood of a BMW to an office at Ford.

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Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanicians: Career Opportunities in the Next Decade

Most automotive service technicians and mechanics work in well-ventilated and well-lit repair shops. Although technicians often fix automotive problems with computers, they often work with greasy parts and tools in uncomfortable positions. Over the next decade, about 69,000 openings for automotive service technicians and mechanics are projected.

Most of the openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Service technicians work in well-ventilated and well-lit repair shops, and they stand for most of the day. Although technicians often fix automotive problems with computers, they often work with greasy parts and tools in uncomfortable positions.

Vocational or postsecondary education programs in automotive service technology are considered the best way to get into entry-level positions. Programs last 6 months to a year and provide intensive career preparation through classroom instruction and hands-on practice. There are short-term certificate programs in a particular subject.

Customer-service skills are required. Service technicians talk to their customers about automotive problems. Workers need to be good listeners and ready to answer customers' questions because they depend on repeat clients.

The median annual wage for automotive service technicians and mechanics was over forty grand in May 2020. Half of the workers in an occupation earn more than the median wage, and half earn less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $25,790, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $71,940.

Automotive Body and Glass Repair

Body shops are often noisy as automotive body repairers work inside. Dust and paint fumes can be dispersed in shops that are wellventilated. Repairs can be physically demanding and they can work in cramped and awkward positions.

Most employers prefer to hire people who have completed a training program in automotive body or glass repair. Many new automotive body and glass repairers start work without previous training. It is becoming more important to have industry certification.

Over the next decade, about 17,500 openings for automotive body and glass repairers are projected. Many openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Most damage from vehicle accidents can be repaired by automotive body and glass repairers.

Minor repairs may include replacing a cracked windshield or replacing an entire door panel. The underlying frame of a car can be weakened after a collision. Body repairers restore the structural integrity of car frames.

Most employers prefer to hire people who have completed a training program in automotive body or glass repair. Many new body and glass repairers start work without previous training. Industry certification is important.

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What Should You Do When Renting a Car

Even if there are no injuries in a car accident, it can be very difficult to get into it. If you are in an accident while driving a rental car, you are more concerned about the consequences and costs for repair. Even if you rent a car, your auto, renters, homeowners, and health insurance will cover a good portion of the cost of an accident.

It is advisable to check your individual policies before renting a car so you can see what you want in supplemental coverage. Before you get your personal insurance company involved, you should get your credit cards to pay for the damages. It is not a substitute for the insurance offered by the rental car company, and it only covers the collision or loss damage, towing expenses or administrative fees.

It won't cover medical expenses or other liability. If you want to be on the safe side, you might want to pay for additional rental insurance if your deductible is higher than you can manage. If you are in an accident, it is time to talk about the nuts and bolts of what you should do.

If you have a problem with the vehicle, you should have a number to call. Use it. Ask the company what to do with the car after an accident.

They might want it towed to a specific location, tell you to bring it to a rental office if it is driveable, or something else. They should decide what to do with the car. If the company tells you what to do, handle it the same way you would your own car.

The Graves Amendment and the Business Auto Policy

Does your business use vehicles that you rent? If you sign a rental agreement, you will assume liability for injuries or damage that result from your use of the rental vehicle. Your commercial auto policy should cover your assumption of liability.

Beth is suing Reliable Rentals and the company that insured them for bodily injury and property damage. Beth's suit states that the accident was caused by the negligent driving of Regina. Reliable Rentals is accused of being responsible for the accident because it owns the vehicle.

Rogers Risk Analysis insured by a business auto policy. Reliable's letter and Beth's lawsuit were sent to her insurer. The car rental contract is insured under her policy.

The claim against her should be covered if her auto policy includes liability coverage. Reliable Rentals isn't responsible for Beth's accident because of the contract. The Graves Amendment protects car rental agencies from suits based on vicarious liability.

The law bars suits against auto rental companies for injuries or damage that occur out of customers' use of rental vehicles. The Graves Amendment makes it impossible for a rental company to be held accountable for an accident if it owns a vehicle that is being driven by a negligent customer. Beth would not be able to file a lawsuit against Reliable for its vicarious liability as the owner of the rental vehicle.

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Car Rentals Damage Waiver

If you don't have a damage waiver, is your customer responsible for all damages when they own the car? It depends like many aspects of the CarRentals business. It depends on the state you are in, the rental agreement terms and the damage.

Rental agreements can allocate the risk of damage to the renter, keeping in mind bailment principles and any applicable state statutes. Make sure your agreement does so. The renter's recovery may be limited if the agreement does not shift the risk.

A renter may argue that the damage from a falling tree is not theirs to repair, because of the act of nature. If your rental agreement doesn't assign responsibility to the renter, the damage is probably yours. The renter has responsibility for all damages, including those from acts of nature, if the contract language and statutory limit are not used.

The type of damages you can recover varies from state to state. The critical point is to stay current with the laws in your state, as most aspects of the business do. Make sure your rental agreement allocates responsibility for damages in a way that you want.

The Lowest and Highest Pay for Counter-and Rental Clerks

The primary job of the car rental agent is to process paperwork and collect money from clients, but they do a lot of other things as well. Car rental agents are usually the ones greeting clients, answering the phone, handling client questions or complaints, and working to resolve late car rentals. They may be responsible for making sure the cars are clean, full of gas and ready for the next client.

The equivalent of a GED is required for car rental agents. There is usually no training required. The rental agreement and other forms are generated by computer, so applicants should have a working knowledge of computers and good data entry skills.

The lowest and highest wages for counter and rental clerks in May of 2012 were reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The wage for counter and rental clerks was $11.12 an hour. Although wages can vary greatly from state to state and location to location, car rental agents typically earn additional income in commission by selling clients rental car insurance, other optional features and upgrades on rental cars.

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Science Jobs

You are responsible for many things that society benefits from on a daily basis, such as how to deal with diseases, new technologies, and tactics to combat climate change, if you work in a science occupation. Science is one of the hottest and most paid careers. Some of the most popular science jobs are listed below.

What's in it for me? Job Description and Benefit

The job description is supposed to get prospective job applicants excited about working at the dealership. With less than 1% of job seekers considering a career in retail automotive, your dealership needs strong job descriptions to stand out and attract talent from both inside and outside the industry. The answer should be "What's in it for me?" rather than "What's in it for me?" Ask the best applicants about benefits and what it is like to work for your dealership.

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Automotive Technicians

Maintenance mechanics work in the service departments of auto dealerships. They may work for fleet operators that have their own repair and servicing facilities. Scheduled servicing and essential maintenance on cars, vans and light trucks are some of the duties and responsibilities of an auto technician.

There were 749,000 service technicians in the United States in the year. The functions of the major components and systems are important to understand the automotive technician duties and responsibilities. They must have good analytical skills to make decisions.

If the shop has no diagnostic technician, the job description includes operating diagnostic equipment. They must be able to use different types of tools and equipment and know how to use different types of lubricating and service parts. Good skills in talking to car owners and service managers are needed by mechanics.

A job description for an automotive technician includes carrying out routine and scheduled servicing. They check the mileage of the vehicle and the service records to make sure they are in tip top shape. They also perform simple servicing tasks, such as changing engine oil and filters.

If drivers report running problems, mechanics check the operation of the fuel and ignition systems to diagnose and repair problems such as poor starting or heavy fuel consumption. The automotive technician has duties and responsibilities that include repairing or replacing components that are subject to wear. They diagnose and repair problems.

Designing a Car

You will come up with ideas for overall car designs or specific components within an automobile's structure. You will attempt to combine principles of art, engineering and business to create items that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and marketable. You will want to create methods for both constructing and testing ideas to make sure they are practical.

You will need a bachelor's degree industrial design, mechanical engineering or automotive design to become an automotive designer. Through these programs, you will gain insight into drafting and design software. There are several examples from an automotive design curriculum, including visual Fundamentals, Human Factors and Design psychology, as well as mobility, Chassis, engine and transmission design courses.

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Mechanics in Government and Automotive Service Settings

People who own their own businesses and mechanics who work for government agencies earn higher salaries. The mechanics working for private service outlets earn less than the ones working for gasoline stations. There are a variety of automotive service settings, including car dealers, tire stores, oil change operations, gas stations, and full-service repair shops. Some mechanics take on management functions such as setting prices, advertising, training, and supervising staff.

Apprenticeship in Automotive Electrical Technicians

A good understanding of electrical and electronic systems is required for automotive electricians to repair and install electrical and electronic equipment. They need to be skilled in using power tools, for example a drill or lathe. You need to do an apprenticeship in automotive electrician to become an automotive electrician. The apprenticeship for automotive electrician takes 42 to 48 months to complete, and is available as a school-based apprenticeship.

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Car Rental Agents

Car rental agents recommend rental cars to guests who need to temporarily use a vehicle. They take customer documentation and make sure the vehicles are in tip top shape. Car rental agents should be familiar with the technology and operation of a variety of vehicles and be comfortable driving them around their lot.

The primary duties of tire technicians are to service, repair and replace car tires to create a fuel-efficient and smooth ride for the driver. They are knowledgeable about various tire types and treads. A tire technician can be employed by a tire specialty repair shop or by a larger automotive technician team at a large auto body shop.

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