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Published: 11 Mar 2019

Auto Porter Jobs in California, Car Porters: A Safety-Preserving Job Description, A Search for a Porter in Brooklyn, Automotive Dealer Service Porter Jobs and more about automotive service porter job. Get more data about automotive service porter job for your career planning.

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Auto Porter Jobs in California

The auto porter is the employee who is assigned the responsibility of parking vehicles and moving them from place to place. The auto porter performs a number of tasks as instructed by their managers. You don't need to go through formal training to become an auto porter.

Some automotive knowledge is helpful, but you will be trained on the job. You should have a high school equivalency certificate. A responsible attitude is important.

You will be responsible for moving and caring for the property. The auto porter salaries vary a lot. Most car porters make between $17,000 and $28,000 per year, according to

They thought the average annual pay was $20,000. The average hourly wage for auto porters in June was $10.34. The average annual salary was $22,972.

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Car Porters: A Safety-Preserving Job Description

Car Porters are people who work at automotive dealerships and are responsible for moving and parking cars. Their duties include keeping track of vehicles, cleaning cars, and ensuring a tidy lot. Managers may assign Car Porters more work.

A Search for a Porter in Brooklyn

A Porter is a person who helps guests have a pleasant stay at a hotel. They help guests with their luggage to and from their vehicle, answer guest questions about their facility, and coordinate with other staff to make sure guests are safe. The assisted living facility in Brooklyn is looking for a person to clean and maintain the facility.

Work well with others and be flexible with working hours. Porters help customers check in and out of their rooms on cruise ships. They work closely with other staff members to make sure that their guests receive top-tier customer service.

They are responsible for greeting guests, opening and closing doors for guests, and storing luggage before a guest's check-in time. They may be responsible for parking or retrieving their guests vehicles. A Porter makes an average of $12.48 per hour.

The candidate's level of experience, education and geographical location are all factors that may affect the salary. The average is $25 per day. Their tenure lasts for a short time.

A Porter role does not require formal education credentials. GED and mechanical courses can be an added advantage. The training for a Porter happens on the job.

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Automotive Dealer Service Porter Jobs

The auto porters are primarily responsible for moving and parking vehicles in the automotive dealership parking lot to accommodate the needs of mechanics, sales representatives, and other visitors. They can do light vehicle maintenance, such as checking oil or topping off fluids, interior cleaning, exterior washing, and organizational tasks. The dealership service staff ensure the vehicles are in top shape for handing off the keys.

Auto Porters

An auto porter is a professional who moves vehicles from one location to another. The job requires a clean driving record and exceptional driving skills. The position may require knowledge of record-keeping and the ability to communicate in writing.

Porters can work in all weather conditions, so knowledge of all-weather vehicle operations is important. An auto porter is a person who transports vehicles. It could be a short trip across a parking lot or a long trip across the country.

The transport carrier may be used to haul the vehicle. The job of moving autos requires more than just moving the vehicles, it also requires identifying the vehicle prior to transportation, making damage inspections, and ensuring the vehicle is safe to be placed on the carrier. Sometimes the Porter at an auto dealership will wash and inspect the vehicle and refer it for repair.

A high school diploma or equivalency is required for auto porter jobs. A background in the automotive industry can be helpful. An auto porter who works independently may benefit from a background in automotive skills, business, transportation services, marketing or communications.

There are many industries where auto porters can find employment. They may work at car lots, tow lots or car auctions. They may work for companies that do vehicle transport.

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Customer Service Skills in Automotive Technicians

Customer service skills are important for automotive technicians to communicate with customers. Retaining their business requires interacting with customers and answering their questions in a courteous and friendly manner. The automotive technicians must be educated on the mechanical aspects of their engines. They must know how to communicate and work together in order to diagnose and repair major vehicle components.

Automotive Service Advisor Job Description

You must grab the attention of the reader during the writing process. The content can be more interesting if you use varied language and action verbs. It is acceptable to write both full sentences and statements if they get the point across. You will want to include the specialized aspects of the job in your automotive service advisor job description.

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Automotive Service Advisor Jobs

Making customers feel welcome, suggesting and explaining automotive services and repairs, and handling part orders are all part of an automotive service advisor job description. Common duties include greeting customers, getting initial information about their car problems, and helping mechanics fix vehicles. Service advisor responsibilities include entering vehicle information into a computer system, promoting add-on services, performing test drives and researching vehicle records.

While the work is less strenuous than repairing cars, a service writer job can be very tiring and requires standing on your feet for a lot of time. A high school degree, automotive expertise and a background in customer service are required by automotive service advisors. Informal or formal training in car repair and maintenance can help hone your skills and make it easier to explain car problems to customers.

When calculating time and cost estimates for customers, math and computer skills are used. Employers like candidates who can promote services effectively and have some sales skills. The most common settings for automotive service writer jobs are car dealerships.

They split their time between helping customers at the customer service desk and interacting with mechanics in the garage. Most automotive service advisors have full-time jobs that are dependent on the workplace. Many work daytime hours, but some work in the evenings or on Saturdays.

Building porters in a multi-disciplinary environment

A team of building porters can be led by a porter who has gained experience. They can move into a job in facilities management. The workplace environment is designed to meet the needs of the people who work there.

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