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Published: 4 Mar 2019

The Title Clerks of a Vehicle, The Pay Scale of General Office Clerks, Vehicle Title Clerks, A Sample of Strong Resume Examples for Automotive Title Clerks and more about automotive title clerk job. Get more data about automotive title clerk job for your career planning.

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The Title Clerks of a Vehicle

The title clerks are responsible for processing the title of a vehicle from one owner to another. Title clerks are often responsible for processing warranties and deposits.

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The Pay Scale of General Office Clerks

General office clerks made a median income of over $30,000 in the year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects little or no change in the number of general office clerks jobs through the year 2026. General office clerks have a high school education and perform many office tasks, like answering phones and filing.

PayScale shows that title clerks make $13.97 an hour. Most employers provide title clerks with basic benefits that include health insurance. Some title clerks may have dental and vision coverage.

Vehicle Title Clerks

Motor vehicle registration information is handled by vehicle title clerks. Administratively proficient title clerks are able to handle files and maintain documents. Vehicle title clerks process documents for state registration, fill out the proper paperwork and make sure tax and title documents are also completed.

The title clerk also sends bills, contracts, warranties and service contracts to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Vehicle title clerks check for accuracy in all documents and signatures on forms. Vehicle title clerks can check for accuracy of vehicle sale and purchase prices.

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A Sample of Strong Resume Examples for Automotive Title Clerks

Title Clerks work industries such as automotive. They need to confirm that properties are in line with local and national laws when researching documents that accompany legal transfers of property. The strongest Title Clerk resume samples have attention to details, multitasking, customer service orientation, IT skills, communication abilities and thorough knowledge of property titles. Employers choose voluntary resume displays of certification in the field.

Atiful Auto Title Clerk

Atiful auto title clerk is able to process a lot of requests in a day. Ensuring that the information presented to the customer is accurate is one of the tasks a knowledgeable answer customer questions. Specializes in Department of Motor Vehicle offices.

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What's in it for me? Job Description and Benefit

The job description is supposed to get prospective job applicants excited about working at the dealership. With less than 1% of job seekers considering a career in retail automotive, your dealership needs strong job descriptions to stand out and attract talent from both inside and outside the industry. The answer should be "What's in it for me?" rather than "What's in it for me?" Ask the best applicants about benefits and what it is like to work for your dealership.

Automotive Technicians

The primary duties of tire technicians are to service, repair and replace car tires to create a fuel-efficient and smooth ride for the driver. They are knowledgeable about various tire types and treads. A tire technician can be employed by a tire specialty repair shop or by a larger automotive technician team at a large auto body shop.

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