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Published: 26 Jun 2021

The Warranty Administrator of a Factory, The Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanicians Who Servicing Most Warranty Repair Applications, The '60s: A decade after the revolution and more about automotive warranty administrator job. Get more data about automotive warranty administrator job for your career planning.

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The Warranty Administrator of a Factory

If worker labor is involved in replacing a part that is faulty, it is usually sent back to the manufacturer for monetary credit. Each manufacturer inspects the returned parts and distributes credit to the facility, parts are usually credited at cost and labor hours are paid based on the individual manufacturer's specifications. The repair process is profitable and fair if inventory levels are counted correctly.

The form that the warranty administrator must prepare to submit the claim is usually a standardized one with the part number and description. The administrator must verify that the hours claimed are correct. If the labor hours are excessive for the particular repair job, many manufacturers will not consider a claim.

The warranty administrator must return failed parts to the manufacturer. The parts must be attached to the claim form for rapid processing, and lost parts or claims can require research by both the manufacturer and administrator, which can cost time and money. The administrator of the warranty should claim the parts through a shipping company that can provide proof delivery.

The accounting department may not see the monetary credit from the manufacturer for a number of weeks. The warranty administrator should have a process for documenting claims. Workers can confer with accounting if claims are being held or have been lost, and any issues can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure a fast payment process.

An administrator is usually in charge of a number of other workers at larger repair facilities. The warranty duties will be divided between the employees to make sure they are paid quickly. The main administrator may simply supervise the workers and respond to any issues that arise.

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The Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanicians Who Servicing Most Warranty Repair Applications

Without warranty administrators, replacement parts for automobiles, electric appliances, and computers wouldn't be received in a timely manner. Most warranty administrators work for manufacturers, dealers or distributors. Depending on experience, the employer for which they work and geographical location, their salaries can vary.

A warranty administrator reviews claims for equipment and determines which ones are covered by a warranty. They enter the items into computers and submit requests for fulfillment and maintain databases of customers and warranty parts. Customers may be called to get additional information warranty requests.

The main responsibilities include coordinating the ordering and shipping of all parts, collecting payments for partial warranties and training employees in the warranty department. Most warranty administrators work during regular business hours, but some may work evenings and weekends. They spend a lot of time on the phone or computer.

Warranty administrators may work in stressed environments because of the volume of warrant applications. They may be prone to falls and injuries while helping clerks fill orders as some replacement parts are heavy. The average salary of a warranty administrator was $46,000 in the year of 2014, according to Indeed.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says production, planning and expediting clerks earned $46,290 in May of this year. Material recording clerks are those who track shipments of products at dealerships and manufacturing plants. The highest paid warranty administrators were in Washington, D.C.

The '60s: A decade after the revolution

Warranty repairs were not an priority back in the day. The hard copies were not properly documented so no one wanted to take the time to book them out. etc.

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A Physician's Advice

We have seen it many times. A dealer will hire someone off the street because they are cheap and can do warranty. They usually don't last long.

In the administrator position, one must be able to analyze the claim and examine it for the proper sequence of events to make sure that all items are present before closing the repair out. The administrator will teach the service staff what to do. A fair-minded administrator will not be seen as an asset to the dealership if they don't respect technicians and advisors.

They will be a liability because of the tension they create. Having a seasoned doctor is what a properly trained administrator is like. If they know their craft and have experience drawing from that, you can save a lot of headaches during an audit.

Automotive Warranty Administrator Resume Examples

An automotive warranty administrator works in a dealership. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office and other computer skills, and a general automotive understanding are all essential skills. To highlight how your skills fit the job, write your resume objective.

The ability to negotiate with manufacturers and service technicians over warranty claims, math ability and an understanding of automotive repairs are some of the qualities that benefit the automotive warranty administrator. When writing your objective, be sure to match your skills and job history with the job you are applying for and focus on the skills that will benefit the company. 1.

To get the automotive warranty administrator position at ABC Auto, you need to have strong organizational and analytical skills, as well as five years of experience as a mechanic. There are 4. A service consultant with an accredited degree is looking for a job at ABC Auto use their skills to help resolve warranty claims.

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Automotive Warranty Administration

Knowledgeable automotive warranty administrator with extensive experience. Customer needs and issues related to warranty coverage are assessed. Specialize in processing insurance claims.

Automotive Service Advisor Job Description

You must grab the attention of the reader during the writing process. The content can be more interesting if you use varied language and action verbs. It is acceptable to write both full sentences and statements if they get the point across. You will want to include the specialized aspects of the job in your automotive service advisor job description.

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