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Published: 28 Mar 2020

The Wright Brothers: Reaching for the Sky, Aviation Engineering at JetMS, Iaconics Designer: An Electronic Engineer'S Job in Aeronautic Systems, The Aircraft Licensing Engineer (LIBE): A Job Description and more about avionics engineer job. Get more data about avionics engineer job for your career planning.

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The Wright Brothers: Reaching for the Sky

Ladies and gentlemen, reach for the skies. It was literally! The world of aviation, space, and electronics is fast-paced, and it goes back to the Wright brothers with their first plane.

An engineer is responsible for designing and building the structure of a craft. An engineer focuses on the electronic systems used in the plane. Aeronautical engineering focuses on the craft inside the atmosphere, while astronauts focus on the craft outside.

They are two very clear and separate specialisms, given the dramatic differences in environment. I am sure anastronomy wouldn't want a chap that designs microlites getting involved with the plans for building their rocket. Infrastructure, computers, coding languages and a lot of wire are some of the things we talk about when it comes to avionics.

The autopilot function of most commercial airliners has four separate systems in case the first three fail, so nothing is left to chance. The consequences of a potential error calculation not being made are not worth thinking about. The simplest way to describe a problem in both the aviation and the automotive industries is to ascertain it, research possible solutions and then create a product that is fit for purpose.

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Aviation Engineering at JetMS

Many people think of pilots and flight crew when thinking of aviation jobs, but there are thousands of career opportunities for specialists in many fields. Hundreds of people in engineering and other fields were given the chance to work in the aviation industry after JetMS opened doors to a career in aviation. Some positions are easy to understand others might raise a few questions.

Iaconics Designer: An Electronic Engineer'S Job in Aeronautic Systems

It is important that engineers adhere to safety standards as their work can impact many lives. The do-178c is considered the bible of avionics software development by the aeronautics industry. AFuzion provides certification training and education to the community.

To become an engineer, you need a bachelor's degree in one of the following fields: science related to theAerospace systems, another engineering field, or a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. Aeronautical or astronautical are the common engineering specialties of theAerospace engineers. Aeronautical engineers design and build aircraft.

They use their technical knowledge to improve flight safety and fuel efficiency. The engineers work with the technology of the craft. The repair and maintenance of avionics systems is done by technicians.

You also perform preventative maintenance. The term iaconics designers can be used to describe electronic engineers and engineering technicians. You are responsible for the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of avionic equipment.

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The Aircraft Licensing Engineer (LIBE): A Job Description

The aircraft licensed maintenance line engineer is employed by an organization that has an approved scope of aircraft maintenance and will either certify the aircraft or act as a support staff during base maintenance activities. A certifying Engineers can only certify their own work, whereas B1 and B2 can also inspect and certify the work of others. The work will be certified by the aircraft licensed maintenance line engineer.

The aircraft licensed maintenance line engineer has specific responsibilities and have to work on their own. Working hours may be different on weekends or night shifts. The need to be self reliant, highly motivated, and able to communicate effectively as well as self disciplined with good administration and housekeeping skills are some of the attributes of an EASA Part 66 Engineer.

Aeronautical Engineers

Performance testing is also involved in aircraft engineering. Engineers want to improve safety features and reduce fuel consumption. Aeronautical engineering is focusing on the environmental impact of aircraft.

If you have an interest in aviation, have a technical mind, and want to work at the cutting edge of technology, you might be a good choice for an aviation engineer. A degree in Aeronautical orAerospace Engineering is the most common way to get an engineering job in the aviation industry. Employers might be interested in degrees such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, applied physics, manufacturing, mathematics and computer science.

Postgraduate study may be the best way to progress and give individuals a means of focusing on a specific area of aeronautical engineering. Job seekers should gain some pre-entry work experience while studying for an engineering degree or once qualified. The demands of national security and the expansion of global air travel have led to a lot of activity in UK aero engineering.

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The Maintenance Engineer

You should be able to replace faulty parts. You should be able to coordinate your tasks and report to the aircraft maintenance engineer. You should be able to keep a record of all the repairs.

A Flight Technician's Perspective: Advanced Electronic and Control Systems

The technicians work with aircraft and spaceships to install, inspect, test, and repair the equipment. They work on the communication, navigation, and flight control systems that power the aircraft. To be a successful avionics technician, you need to have a good working knowledge of advanced electronics and systems diagnostics. A top-notch technician should have good math skills, good dexterity, and experience with quality control analysis.

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Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance engineers work in a range of environments, from indoors in workshops or the hangar to outdoors on the airfield or on the flightline. The hangar has well-ventilated working conditions and strict safety regulations. Maintenance engineers use power tools.

The removal of aircraft components can be done using hoists, which can be used to check electrical signals and determine the state of the component. In some cases components may be x-rayed or checked using magnetic inspection equipment to make sure there are no cracks that the naked eye can't see. Maintenance engineers must wear protective clothing.

Aviation Systems Design and Development for the Joint Strike Fighter Program

The Joint Strike Fighter program's avionics flying development laboratory was managed. The requirements that were developed proved that the design of the system met customer requirements. Responsible for systems engineering of land, sea, and land-borne systems.

As a consultant and technical expert, I worked on a lot of RF and electrical systems. Writing SOW, writing proposals for contract work, and performing marketing duties were some of the duties performed. As a communications expert, I was responsible for all bands of RF for multi-government agencies.

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The Jobs of Avionics Technician

Modern aircraft use high-tech electronics systems. The professionals who maintain the components of the avionics are the technicians. Employers look for technicians with formal training, certification and physical and intellectual skills because poor maintenance can mean catastrophe.

The bureau of labor statistics says that there will be a 7 percent gain available jobs for iaconics technicians from 2010 to 2020. Employers need training in the field of avionics. A certificate from a program that teaches broad skills in aircraft electronics is required for entry-level work.

It can take up to 24 months to finish a certificate. Some programs offer an associate's degree. Students learn how to read aircraft drawings and install lines.

Several trade groups certify technicians. The National Center for Aeronautical and Transportation Technologies offers a standard for training people in the field of aircraft electronics. To qualify, technicians must pass an exam that tests their knowledge of terminology, operating theories and circuitry.

The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians gives a 75 percent test score to students and technicians who take it. Some employers prefer certification. The physical demands of the job have an above-average rate of injury and illness.

The Careers of Aircraft Engineer

The aircraft engineer is also known as an aircraft technician. Engineer is the most common term used in the UK, but technician is used in the aviation industry. If you prefer a hands-on role with practically-minded people, then you should consider a career in aircraft maintenance.

The working week is usually 37 to 40 hours. Engineers work longer hours as they have to finish work on time. Engineers work shifts that include weekends to cover all hours.

The starting wage of the basic aircraft engineer is dependent on a number of factors. There are increases in salary for longevity, licenses held, line work, or shift work. A lead airline mechanic with an A & P certificate and 10 years experience can make over $73,000 per year or $45.00 per hour in hourly positions.

Airlines and independent companies that specialize in aircraft maintenance are the major employers of aircraft maintenance engineers. Business aviation, air taxis, the police, air ambulance, surveying, agriculture and pilot training are some of the small employers that others work for. Flying clubs have aircraft engineers.

Some engineers are not paid full time. Many small organizations only hire trained engineers. Competition for entry is intense, but it is usually large employers that offer training schemes.

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