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Published: 12 Jan 2019

Bakery Assistants, Bakery Assistants, Bakery Assistant Jobs, The Bakery Clerk Position in a Supermarket, The Bakery Manager Position at Retail Bakers of America and more about bakery assistant job. Get more data about bakery assistant job for your career planning.

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Bakery Assistants

Baking and pastry chefs rely on bakery assistants to serve customers at their counter. They are responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, and packaging baked goods. They may have to make sure items on display are continually updated.

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A bakery assistant is responsible for more upfront tasks and duties, which is why a baker handles more of the baking duties. A bakery assistant works in the bakery departments of hotels and restaurants.

Bakery Assistant Jobs

While some jobs offer you a nice office with a view, bakery work is where you get to blanket yourself in the smell of fresh baked pastries, breads and frosting. It is still necessary to do a good amount of physical work in order to make a good bakery. If you love baking, you might be a good candidate for a bakery assistant job.

You will manage both the baked and unbaked inventories as a bakery assistant. Eggs, flour or pastry cream are unbaked items. You will keep a record of their expired dates and cycle items.

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The Bakery Clerk Position in a Supermarket

The bakery department of a supermarket requires a lot of work from the bakery clerks. The job is simple, but it is a challenge that has a direct impact on the bakery department. It is a service role that does not typically require any special education beyond on-the-job training, and can be found with aspiring Pastry Chefs.

Boutique bakeries and large-scale baking facilities can hire bakery clerks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says demand for bakery clerks will rise 7 percent through the year of 2024. The role of Bakery Clerk requires some technical knowledge, but it is mostly soft skills that are needed.

The role of the bakery clerk is customer-facing, so it requires the ability to maintain a positive attitude. It takes the ability to work in a fast-paced environment to do it. The national median salary for bakery clerks is $24,170.

The bottom 10 percent make $18,140, while the top 10 percent make over $38,400. Alaska, Hawaii and Nevada have the highest median salaries for bakery clerks. The bakery clerk uses commercial ovens to bake bread, pastries and cakes on a daily basis.

The Bakery Manager Position at Retail Bakers of America

You may have wanted to work in a bakery when you were a kid. That sweet dream may still be appealing now that you are grown up. It takes a bit of art and science to make wedding cakes.

Baking requires another skill set. Retail Bakers of America suggests that master bakery managers have professional baking, staff training, retail sales, merchandising and sanitation. A bakery manager makes sure fresh ingredients and supplies are available when production starts.

Pies, cakes, cookies, rolls and assorted breads will be made by you and your staff as a bakery manager. You will demonstrate icing techniques for creating intricate piping, borders and flowers. Your reputation for selling unusual desserts and wedding cakes can help you become the bakery of choice in town.

The bakery managers are responsible for training and supervising employees. Although no experience is required for entry-level positions, bakery managers prefer individuals who can demonstrate that they would make enthusiastic, hard working, dexterous, imaginative and dependable workers. New hires are familiar with the policies, safety procedures, personal hygiene expectations, cleaning requirements, and dress codes.

Managers teach and supervise employees to make sure that proper procedures are followed to produce and sell a quality product. The baking manager is very attentive to kitchen operations. Food safety standards must be a priority.

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Experience in bakery assistants

Experience in serving customers in a retail setting and a customer-oriented approach are some of the qualities that you should have when you are a bakery assistant. Candidates who are suitable are organised and have good communication skills.

The Bakery Assistants

Bakery assistants help with the support of bakers, cooks and ptissiers. The bakery assistants are responsible for keeping the area clean and for making sure the trays are ready for use.

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A Cake Expert

A competent baker who is passionate about baking high quality baked goods. Excellent at problem-solving and communicating with team members and vendors. Experience in creating store and window displays and cake decorating.

Bread-making opportunities for artisan bakers

The profession of bread-making is still an artisan occupation despite the fact that bread-making techniques have evolved over the years and the introduction of electronic ovens. There are a lot of opportunities for bakers on the job market, with the option of opening up a bakery of one's own.

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