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Published: 1 Mar 2019

Bar Staff: A Taste of the Industry, Bar Staff Management, Bar Supervisors, Bar Manager Job Description, Bar staffing in a cocktail bar or hotel and more about bar staff job. Get more data about bar staff job for your career planning.

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Bar Staff: A Taste of the Industry

A Bar Staff is responsible for serving drinks at bars and restaurants. Their duties include serving food and beverages, taking orders, and keeping the bar area clean. The bar staff are also responsible for keeping the bar area clean and replenish stock, and they greet customers from behind the bar.

Customer facing responsibilities for Bar Staff include taking orders, advising customers about current promotions and mixing drinks. To ensure bar service can operate efficiently, they monitor stock levels, respond to spills or hazard, and reach out to the Bar Manager for support when needed. A background in the industry is beneficial.

Customer service, retail, food service, or catering experience is helpful. Employers can consider candidates without experience, but with the right attitude and enthusiasm, if they so choose. Bar Staff can get noticed by taking courses and qualifications available, which can increase their chances of getting noticed.

College courses that provide some of the skills and knowledge required for Bar Staff roles include Level 1 Award introduction to employment in the hotel industry, Level 1 Award in professional food and beverage service skills and Level 2 certificate in general food and beverage service. Candidates can complete mixology courses to get specialist training. Experience in the Bar Staff is good, but experience in the industry of customer facing roles is even better.

Showing the ability to work well under pressure and having food and beverage service qualifications are indicators of promising candidates. Good Bar Staff have good people skills and are confident in their work. Being organised and attentive to detail is what makes the bar run smoothly.

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Bar Staff Management

Bars, also called nightclubs, lounges, taverns or pubs, offer patrons entertainment such as a live band, DJ or pool and dart tournaments. A bar serves drinks and food. The bar business is usually busiest on weekends when people are off work.

The bar staff is the first to work to make a successful bar. There is at least one bartender in a bar. A hostess, DJ, bar manager or owner are some of the jobs a bar may have.

A host greets patrons on arrival, collects a cover charge for entrance, and may seat patrons. A full-time DJ is employed at some bars. The bar managers can be the owner.

Bar Supervisors

The duties of a bar supervisor are to manage inventory, hire, train, and oversee staff, maintain a budget, and conduct marketing. A bar manager is in charge of the work every shift. The bar manager has prepared the staff for the shift by writing the schedule and assigning stations. They will have to know how to spot a bartender who is stealing.

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Bar Manager Job Description

The bar manager's responsibilities may vary between businesses, but their purpose is to hire, train, and direct staff members and ensure the bar is well-stocked and operating smoothly. The responsibilities of bar managers include handling some of the administrative tasks associated with running a bar. In your bar manager job description, highlight your needs.

Bar staffing in a cocktail bar or hotel

Bar staff in a high-end cocktail bar or hotel will be expected to provide exceptional service and demonstrate extensive knowledge of spirits, cocktail recipes and wines. They are likely to get a higher base salary and tips than bar staff who work in a local pub or men's club. It is good for bar staff to have experience preparing drinks in a bar.

Senior positions are likely to be looking for previous experience in a customer facing job or in a role in the hotel industry. If they are working in more junior positions, they don't need formal qualifications. Employers value a friendly and hard-working personality and are willing to provide training on the job.

Junior bar staff are often entry level positions and require little to no experience. It is useful for the candidate to have experience with customers. The bar managers are in charge of the entire venue.

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