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Author: Loyd
Published: 25 Feb 2019

Analytical tools for the valuation of mortgage servicing rights, Capital Markets Group: A Division of a Large Company, A typical day in the life of a capital markets and corporate governance lawyer and more about capital markets associate job. Get more data about capital markets associate job for your career planning.

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Analytical tools for the valuation of mortgage servicing rights

The analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining the analytic tools used in the valuation of mortgage servicing rights. The candidate will be responsible for providing support and reports to key business partners using existing tools and methodologies.

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Capital Markets Group: A Division of a Large Company

A capital markets group is a division within a larger company that uses its expertise in financial markets to provide financial services to specific types of clients. Capital markets groups can help companies meet a wide variety of financial goals, including the origination and execution of equity offering and the issuing of debt. Capital markets groups help companies that face increasingly complex sets of challenges and opportunities by providing assistance to help them operate their business and stay competitive.

A typical day in the life of a capital markets and corporate governance lawyer

It is hard to describe a typical day for a capital markets and corporate governance lawyer, even seemingly routine transactions always have unexpected problems to be solved. It can be difficult to find a good job in the heat of the moment, but facing unique challenges regularly makes for a better lawyer. The business cycles lead to deregulation and increased regulation. Capital markets and corporate governance lawyers have been busy for a while now because of the Dodd-Frank Act and the JOBS Act.

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The Managing Director of the Corporate Department

The incumbent will be involved in the work of the corporate department, specifically involving the provision of comprehensive legal assistance in connection with complex capital market transactions to international and Polish clients of the law firm.

The Careers of ECM and M&A

There are some options for a career outside of ECM. It is a common switch to move between the capital markets teams, but it is a different skill set. The job of debt markets is more about marketing and distributing products and can be more complex than the job of ECM.

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A New Lawyer with Experience in Public and Private Securities Offerings

You will be involved in both public and private securities offerings. The scope of work includes regulatory matters and equity and debt offerings. You will advise insurers, fund managers, and shareholders.

You are a qualified lawyer with at least 3 years of capital markets experience with a law firm. You are passionate about your job. The ideal candidate should be willing to work hard.

An Overview of the Job Description: Syndicating

Senior level executives spend more time on origination while the mid-level staff focuses on execution with the help of junior level analysts and associates. There might be a few people working on the part of the market that is called syndicating. Data handling and analytical skills are important.

You will need to have advanced skills with platforms like Microsoft Office and CapitalIQ, as well as a large amount of data, to work with it. As analyst, you will spend most of your time working on financial analysis and modelling tools and the better you are with them, the easier it will be for you and the faster you will be able to deliver results. Changes in the market are highly susceptible to timing.

When the markets turn south, companies shelf their equity placements. The ability to survive in a dynamic environment requires a deep understanding of the equity markets and an ability to deliver results in an adverse business environment. If you did an internship in equity capital markets or any related investment banking role, then you should take full advantage of it.

Even a small internship will help you steer the conversation towards something that you are familiar with and give you the chance to speak about it. There is nothing that is mandatory for certifications, but aCFA would be nice to have as it covers a lot of aspects of equity markets and derivatives. It is mostly about the recognition it provides.

A higher salary of around 150K plus a variable component is expected at the associate level. The fixed component is on par with M&A, but the variable component has some variation with M&A units paying larger bonuses to their analysts and associates. The salaries of associates are based on how well you execute the deal and how much revenue you generate.

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