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Published: 2 Feb 2019

The Role of Capture Managers in Business Development, The Capture Manager, Capture Managers: A Sales Professional with a Sales Background, The Capture Manager Position: Be Decisive and more about capture manager job. Get more data about capture manager job for your career planning.

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The Role of Capture Managers in Business Development

A capture manager is a person who is assigned to win a business pursuit and who provides the leadership, coordination, resource allocation, strategy, and management needed to prepare the winning bid. A capture manager is usually assigned to one lead, while a business development manager is usually responsible for a portfolio of leads. Business development managers are often used for large complex sales, where closing the sale will take their attention away from pursuing the other leads.

A Capture Manager is a key role in between business development and proposal writing that can greatly improve your chances of closing the sale. The chances of winning are lower if you assign a capture manager who can't check all those boxes. The capture manager will usually be assigned someone with skill gaps.

The project manager may have bias towards the current state that prevents them from being innovative. Being a capture manager is about negotiations. Everything that you need a company to decide or put effort into will require negotiation.

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The Capture Manager

A capture manager is responsible for winning business. The capture manager will get involved once a company decides to pursue a lead, but will probably not be the initial salesperson. Unless a decision is made to no-bid it somewhere along the line, the capture manager will oversee the opportunity pursuit.

The capture manager works on selected opportunities and oversees bid strategies, pricing, teaming and proposal strategies. The capture manager is focused on managing the transition from opportunity discovery to proposal process when the opportunity is closed. The capture manager needs to sell the opportunity to the client and the resources necessary for pursuit and proposal development.

The capture manager usually gets involved after the company decides to pursue it. The capture manager is acting on behalf of the sponsor. The capture manager identifies resources required to pursue a bid, establishes infrastructures, processes and plans, and manages their execution.

Capture Managers: A Sales Professional with a Sales Background

Capture Managers have a sales background. They may have held positions as a Sales Manager and as business developers, and have worked with new customers for products. They develop strategies to win work for the company.

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The Capture Manager Position: Be Decisive

You should not say "yes" until you have considered everything, including the Capture Manager position. Unless you have a better than even chance of winning, don't play. Be decisive.

Many teams go wrong by taking too long to make decisions. Make decisions, make sure they are correct, and stick to them. If the decisions are wrong, you can help by taking the fall.

A Strategy for Wining Business

Capture managers win business for your company. After an opportunity has been qualified, they focus on understanding the goals of the prospect, developing a solution, and increasing the likelihood of winning the opportunity. A capture manager is a person who is a resource for the company's sales and business development teams.

Capture managers help develop a strategy to win opportunities. They have a plan to achieve the goals of the prospect and they have a solid understanding of the business. Capture managers are responsible for opportunities after they have been qualified.

They look at the customer's needs and goals. They develop a strategy. A win strategy is a plan to close the deal.

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Capture Managers: A Role of Strategy, Process and Intelligence in the Management Of Complex Teams

When all of the charge numbers are handed out elsewhere, Capture Management is too important to be delegated to the last individual. Capture Managers need tips, tools, methods, processes and insights. Capture Managers have a process with insight, strategic thinking, and the ability to influence and lead a team that they may not have line authority over. They must know their marketplace very well, including the capabilities and past performance of likely competitors and teammates, and they must be excellent negotiators for resources from inside their companies and to get the teaming partners they need to win.

How Much Does a Capture Manager Make in the United States?

How much does a Capture Manager make in the US? The average salary in the United States is $121,536, but the range is between $104 and 146,600. Skills can affect your salary greatly depending on a number of factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target.

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Capture is a full-time job. 10 % of the time minimum clearance is required, top secret clearance level is required, and no potential for remote work. The capture manager is a vital member of the business development team.

The capture manager understands the scope of the project and how many. A capture manager works for a company. They are trying to convince sales leads to sign contracts with the company.

The sales team is responsible for making a proposal for the customer to consider and overseeing negotiations. A capture manager is responsible for hiring and training new team members. A bachelor's degree in business administration is a qualification.

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