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Published: 15 Feb 2020

A Certificate of Knowledge in Food Safety and Health, Catering Assistants, Catering Assistants: Tips for Event Planner, A Food Hygiene Course for Catering Assistants and more about catering assistant job. Get more data about catering assistant job for your career planning.

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A Certificate of Knowledge in Food Safety and Health

Catering assistants are employed by the companies to prepare meal ingredients, set up buffet stations, load and unload food and cater vehicles. They work with the managers of the food service to make sure that customers are satisfied with the food. To be successful as a Catering Assistant, you need to demonstrate a sound knowledge of food safety and health regulations. An outstanding Catering assistant should be able to communicate well and provide excellent customer service.

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Catering Assistants

You might be asked to work a trade show booth or attend sales calls if you handle direct sales for a Catering business. Customer service is a key part of sales, and a caterer's assistant is often tasked with pre- and post- event phone calls, e-mails and letters. The event is followed up.

A customer might request to see samples of the centerpiece at the initial sales meeting. The assistant would then be responsible for getting the samples to the customer. An assistant might be hired by a small caterer to assist with food preparation.

The assistant might only be able to prepare salads, desserts, box lunches or sandwiches. The assistant would pack and store the items until the event, then set them up and serve. The assistants are often behind the buffet line, working to keep the food hot, the dishes full and the area clean.

Catering Assistants: Tips for Event Planner

Catering assistants are in the kitchen. They prepare basic food preparation tasks such as washing and peeling produce, making sauces and dressings, and slicing and cutting meat. Catering assistants are often called upon to handle machinery.

Catering assistants set up the event area. They make sure the tables and chairs are ready. They set up tents and banners for off-site events.

Catering assistants make sure there is no shortage of supplies. Catering assistants order more when supplies run out. Catering assistants organize the stock room when deliveries come in.

There are no requirements for being a Catering Assistant. Employers may require a food handler's certificate. Many employers are willing to train those who have no experience at all, even if they have only one year of experience working in the food industry.

Learning about food recipes and menu items is one of the things that on-the-job-training includes. Most employers instruct their employees on company policies and rules. Cater Source offers advice for people in the Catering industry to grow their careers.

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A Food Hygiene Course for Catering Assistants

The role of a Catering Assistant is to help out in the kitchen and to be responsible for hygiene and cleanliness within food preparation areas. They help prepare the food items for the event. Catering assistants are responsible for basic food preparation tasks.

They are likely to be responsible for unloading deliveries from suppliers and organize the store room. Catering assistants need to be good at communicating with their co-workers and customers. They must be able to work with other people in a team, as they are likely to work alongside restaurant managers.

The kitchen environment is likely to be busy and noisy, which can make it difficult to sleep. Catering assistants are on their feet for most of the shift, so they need to wear comfortable shoes, and the job is not suitable for anyone with back problems. A full time Catering Assistant works 40 hours a week, with two-thirds of all kitchen jobs being part time and seasonal jobs also available.

They may be expected to start work early or work late, although shifts are usually split between employees. The Holiday Inn and the Hilton are major hotel chains. Fogo De Chao, Frankie and Benny's, and Pizza Hut are some of the popular national restaurants and pubs.

It is possible to get qualifications in food processing and preparation while working as a Catering assistant. If you don't already have a food hygiene certificate, you can take courses to get one. Train4food offers training courses in food safety and hygiene.

A Survey of Catering Service Providers

A Catering Service Provider prepares large amounts of food for events. They are responsible for planning the menu, arranging the delivery and presentation of food. A chef and a caterer work in different parts of the restaurant kitchen and private events.

Some people start their careers as Chefs and then go on to become a full time Catering business person. Some people work as Caterers. Chefs can either operate a Catering business or both.

Many have the same training. The kitchen staff and the client often have liaisons with the hotel and restaurant caterers. They prepare a menu, arrange a banquet, set up tables and decorations.

Private Caterers who own their own business are often hired to cater many events. They are responsible for everything. A Caterer needs to be patient and able to work on tight deadlines in order to be successful.

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Off-site Catering

The ability to move food efficiently is a must for a successful job. Salads and cold cuts must be kept chilled. Some items may be prepared in advance, but still others may be assembled at the event, such as beef sandwiches.

Proper packing techniques and supplies are required. The staff at the Catering department will be asked to set up all the tables, chairs, linens and place settings. The food-service staff will need to set up the food-serving area or create a buffet style setup for guests to serve themselves if the event location has a pre-set dining area.

Catering staffs may be required to serve food once all tables, place settings, serving areas, and food items are prepared. Catering waitstaff will deliver the meal directly to the tables and the dishes will be thrown away in between courses at most formal events. The waitstaff may be asked to serve certain items to guests who line up at the food service station.

Cleaning up and tearing down the dining area is the final step in off-site catering. All plates, dishes, silverware and glasses must be removed. The last thing a caterer needs to do is pack up food, equipment, and bags to go back to the home location.

A Chef's Guide for Wedding Industry Communications

A self-employed chef and marketer. If they want to be in the wedding industry, they need to advertise their business to brides and grooms. The responsibility of the caterer is to establish relationships with clients, create vendor relationships and cross-promote between venues and industry-related professionals, according to The Princeton Review. Caterers may need to manage their social media profiles, create marketing materials, and attend expositions to connect with professionals and potential clients.

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The Catering Assistant Position at the Hilton Grand Unified Hotel

The Catering Assistant position is for banquet events. The sales cycle will be supported from the following: direct customer relations and sales, internal staff meeting support, event operations assistance, and customer file management. The Catering Assistant prepares food in accordance with applicable federal, state and corporate standards. Quality food service is provided all the time.

A Food Scientist's Perspective

You will be responsible for helping in the preparation of food items. You will be responsible for working with managers and offering support to chefs. You should be able to work in a fast-paced environment.

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Catering Assistant Positions in a Fortune 500 Company

Catering assistants are involved in the smooth operation of events. The assistant helps with a lot of things. Being attentive to guests and customer needs, communicating with a team, food preparation, organizing, ensuring all supplies are obtained, and helping set-up and breakdown events are some of the daily tasks.

Handling guest and customer needs while maintaining a professional demeanor is important. The responsibilities of a Catering assistant include maintaining the kitchen and preparation areas, and other tasks involved in preparing food. The assistant keeps the food preparation areas clean, organizes the storage room, and contributes to the team by working with other staff.

The ideal candidate should be able to communicate well with a team. The assistant helps the team meet the needs of the clients during the event. The assistant is going to trade shows to promote the company.

Handling the ins and outs of deliveries, taking charge at the buffet stations, and stocking the dishes when needed are all essential tasks. The assistant in charge of breaking down the event is packing up all the supplies. The guests at every event must be protected from health and safety risks.

The assistant should be knowledgeable of food safety regulations. The ideal candidate will provide excellent customer service. A Catering assistant is responsible for basic food preparation, customer service and hospitality.

Catering assistants help cook food for customers and keep the kitchen running. Catering assistants may be required to work on weekends or during the evening.

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A Full Time Catering Assistant

As a full time Catering assistant, you will have a starting salary of around $12000 and could go up to over $16000 as you gain experience. You can expect to make between $5 and $8 per hour. Full time and part time positions are available.

Catering Jobs in Hospitals, Hotels and Bars

In hospitals, the kitchens of schools, colleges and private companies, and in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, and the armed forces, assistants and porters work. There are opportunities in large cities and holiday resorts. Jobcentre Plus offices and specialist recruitment websites can be used to advertise jobs. There are many recruitment agencies that specialize in Catering work that can be found in the local and national press.

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Kitchen Assistants

Kitchen assistants are hired to help cook in the kitchen area and keep the kitchen area clean and tidy. It will be a busy role where you will spend a lot of time on your feet running from one job to the next while maintaining a high degree of hygiene and consistency.

Telling Your Story About Catering

Catering is a popular job that has a wide range of responsibilities such as event food preparation, table setup, menu arrangement and decorating. The success of a caterer is dependent on the guests experience, which can be both a pleasure and pain. Now is the time to tell your story about your work experience.

The interviewing panel will want to know about your customer service background, so try to talk about your willingness to put others first and your devotion to serving guests. You should highlight the skills you brought on board in previous jobs and portray a friendly character. Catering is all about dealing with customers.

Explain how you executed ideas according to customer needs when you were involved in a previous event. You need to show a sense of practicality when you are going to work. Did you do a good job of managing your staff?

Catering assistants are also positions that a company has. Catering assistants are people who help the managers with clerical and administrative work. Handling contracts, managing catering records, making and receiving calls are some of the main responsibilities of a Catering Assistant. Catering software is needed to handle catering records.

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