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Published: 28 Apr 2021

The Director of Catering, The Catering Coordinators at the Grand Unified Restaurant, Food Service Director Jobs in the Community College Level and more about catering director job. Get more data about catering director job for your career planning.

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The Director of Catering

The director of Catering is more than just planning a meal for a large group of people. The director must stay within budgets and make appropriate facilities for the event. The director may perform several roles in the facility or operation, depending on the size of the facility.

The director of Catering answers customers' initial inquiries about hosting banquets, wedding reception or other events, giving them tours of the facilities and discussing room options and possible menu options. The director of the hotel or Catering business needs to respond promptly and professionally, whether by phone or email, throughout the planning process, and create written communication to confirm details. The director of Catering needs a degree in hotel and restaurant management, experience as a banquet manager, or knowledge of food and wine to be successful.

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The Catering Coordinators at the Grand Unified Restaurant

Catering coordinators are in charge of food operations at special events. They meet and greet guests, organize food presentations, manage staff, and perform administrative duties.

Food Service Director Jobs in the Community College Level

The food service director's salary can be different depending on the size of the kitchen and the area in which the kitchen is located. Food service directors work with food distributors that service their establishments. Proper food distribution requires proper handling of supplies and inventory.

A food service director can choose a food distributor based on a variety of factors but most importantly the ability for the food distributor to work well with the food service director. Director of food service jobs can be completed at the community college level. Education is not the only way to get a job in the food service sector.

A certificate program that ensures the safe handling of food inside a restaurant or service kitchen is often required by states. A food service to director is an important person in the food service industry. The skills they have and bring to the table are important to the health of the customers of that establishment.

The food service director is responsible for ensuring that the food you are consuming is capable of proper nutrition and meets the minimum health safety standards for any given area. Food service directors are often in charge of many things inside of a restaurant kitchen. The purchase of restaurant supplies, food inventory, and employment management of server and cooks are all duties that a food service director must handle.

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Off-site Catering

The ability to move food efficiently is a must for a successful job. Salads and cold cuts must be kept chilled. Some items may be prepared in advance, but still others may be assembled at the event, such as beef sandwiches.

Proper packing techniques and supplies are required. The staff at the Catering department will be asked to set up all the tables, chairs, linens and place settings. The food-service staff will need to set up the food-serving area or create a buffet style setup for guests to serve themselves if the event location has a pre-set dining area.

Catering staffs may be required to serve food once all tables, place settings, serving areas, and food items are prepared. Catering waitstaff will deliver the meal directly to the tables and the dishes will be thrown away in between courses at most formal events. The waitstaff may be asked to serve certain items to guests who line up at the food service station.

Cleaning up and tearing down the dining area is the final step in off-site catering. All plates, dishes, silverware and glasses must be removed. The last thing a caterer needs to do is pack up food, equipment, and bags to go back to the home location.

A Survey of Catering Service Providers

A Catering Service Provider prepares large amounts of food for events. They are responsible for planning the menu, arranging the delivery and presentation of food. A chef and a caterer work in different parts of the restaurant kitchen and private events.

Some people start their careers as Chefs and then go on to become a full time Catering business person. Some people work as Caterers. Chefs can either operate a Catering business or both.

Many have the same training. The kitchen staff and the client often have liaisons with the hotel and restaurant caterers. They prepare a menu, arrange a banquet, set up tables and decorations.

Private Caterers who own their own business are often hired to cater many events. They are responsible for everything. A Caterer needs to be patient and able to work on tight deadlines in order to be successful.

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The Best-Laid Plans Are Not Always the best

Catering directors have a lot of skills. Food and beverage knowledge, business skills, and people skills are important. The director of the food service is responsible for finding a solution when the ingredients for a feast aren't in the food delivery.

The skills of a director of food and beverage are much more than the management of the kitchen and banquet hall. You make sure the menu is well-presented, cleaned up and served well. You are in charge of people, scheduling, F&B budgets, suppliers and contracts.

You make sure your staff follows the best practices. You do everything you can to get the client and customer satisfaction. The average pay for a Catering Director is $66,412 a year, but there is a wide range of salaries.

Large financial institutions or universities typically give a salary that runs above the average, sometimes into the triple digits. Smaller clubs and restaurants might offer a lower hourly rate than the national average. Your location, years of experience, and level of education are all factors that can affect how much you make as a Catering Director.

The best-laid plans are not always the best ones. It sounds cliché, but your calm demeanor on the day of an event can have a huge effect on everyone you cross paths with. Chaos ensues when you let the pressure get to you.

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