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Published: 18 Jan 2020

The Chief Estimator of the Company's estimating system, Electrical Job Description: Cover Letter, A Resume Template for a Senior Estimator, Candidate Skills for Construction Estimation and more about chief estimator job. Get more data about chief estimator job for your career planning.

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The Chief Estimator of the Company's estimating system

The Chief is responsible for coordinating the Estimating Department's efforts to achieve their sales goals. The Chief is responsible for developing estimating processes, budgets and staffing required in executing the company's sales plan. There is a

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Electrical Job Description: Cover Letter

The electrical job description includes other tasks such as reviewing building plans, assessing material costs, and determining contractor and labor needs. If you have worked as an electrical estimator before or are currently holding that position with a company, you will need to include the professional or job experience section your resume. The job experience section in your resume will let the recruiters know that you have been successful in your job duties.

A Resume Template for a Senior Estimator

A senior estimator is responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings to ensure that the organization or client is fully aware of the necessary tools or information required to successfully bid and acquire a project. The senior estimator is responsible for following up with the subcontractors and project management teams in order to ensure that bids are received and that the business is closed. A senior estimator is expected to carry out several important tasks which include being responsible for overseeing and leading the estimating process on specified bids, leading, supporting, and mentoring junior members of the estimating team, and implementing pricing strategies.

Other duties that are carried out by a senior estimator include preparing or coordinating full estimates on complex and large projects as required by client or customer's documents, attending departmental meetings on time and as required, and reviewing construction documents and understanding the scope of work to bid. The senior estimator work description includes preparing detailed analytical tenders, maintaining a library of pricing and outputs data, and assisting with the management of production. Senior estimators need good project management skills, good attention to details, good mathematical or numeracy skills, and good knowledge of Microsoft Office products, as well as good availability for travel.

To be considered for the senior estimator job, you need to have a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management, or any other related field. If you have experience that is relevant to the position you are looking for, you should add the professional or work experience section to your resume. If you are a HR manager or a shiring firm looking to hire a senior estimator, you can use the job description example above as a template.

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Candidate Skills for Construction Estimation

Estimators who are focused on new construction are required to be able to read and understand plans. They must be able to complete take-offs. The take-offs are the process of removing the information that is needed to make a competent bid.

The final price for the project is arrived at when the information is entered into the company estimating system. Estimators are required to have good math skills. Simple math skills are used to develop bids and estimates.

Estimators need to be very detail oriented. Building a career as a construction estimator requires attention to detail. Projects failing are caused by overlooking key information.

A lot of information is needed to develop a construction estimate. Estimators must be able to consider a number of aspects when developing estimates. Candidates for construction estimating need to be able to gather information from the site and design a solution that complies with the requirements of the building owner, the building code, the product manufacturer and the insurance company.

Both residential and commercial estimating have the same foundation. Both require successful estimators to have strong math skills and a high attention to detail. The performance of the job can be affected by details that are overlooked.

A Sample Resume for a Chief Estimator

It also provides the major requirements most recruiters typically ask for when hiring for the chief estimator role, to help you better prepare for the position if you are seeking it. The chief estimator is responsible for estimating the cost and expenses of delivering services to a client or potential client. The chief estimator work description involves ensuring that contracts can be carried out at profitable rates while also ensuring that the organization wins contracts in competitive bidding situations.

An ideal candidate for the position of a chief estimator is required to demonstrate certain skills, qualifications, or attributes which may include being an expert in the construction industry. The position of a chief estimator requires a degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or a related discipline. If you have worked in a chief estimator role before and are writing a resume for a new position, you can use the sample job description above to describe your experience.

If you have experience as a chief estimator, that can be important to the new position that you are seeking, and you will need to show that in your resume. If you are applying to work as a chief estimator, you will need to meet certain requirements to be considered for the job. If you are a HR manager or recruiters looking to hire a chief estimator, you will need to post a detailed description of the position to attract the best qualified candidates.

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The Construction Chief Estimator Job Description

Strong leadership is needed forkw and other medical practices. If you are good at communication and driven, consider healthcare management. The construction chief estimator job description is ready to be chosen.

Estimating Project Costs

An estimate is a person who uses data from a company to estimate costs and resources for a project. Their duties include gathering quotations, preparing reports, and monitoring plans.

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A Heavy Civil Contractor in the Southwest: a Chief Estimator Position for an Inter-Operator

The Division of Reeves Construction Company, a leader in heavy civil construction, has an immediate opening for a Chief Estimator with a minimum of 10 years of experience in highway. The Chief Estimator position is available at Navarro Research and Engineering. The high-quality technical services provided by the company are to DOE, NASA and other agencies.

The South Florida Management Recruiters of Davidson are looking for a Chief Estimator for commercial projects in South Florida. There are years of it. A heavy civil contractor in the Southwest is looking for a Chief Estimator with at least 10 years experience estimating heavy civil projects in both hard bid and alternative.

A Resume for a Chief Estimator

Estimators give cost estimates for construction projects. A Chief Estimator resume shows that they are involved in a number of other duties, including procuring competitive projects, collaborating with subcontractors, training estimating staff, soliciting information from subcontractors, and taking part in periodic reviews. A Chief Estimator resume should include skills such as construction expertise, project management, attention to details, good numeracy skills, and availability for travel. A Bachelor's Degree in civil engineering is a requirement for most Chief Estimators.

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Experience in Estimation

The estimator has the responsibility of considering all the relevant information about each building project and deciding how much it would cost to meet the client's needs. They would need to compete for the work. The winning bid is not always the cheapest one.

Estimators often submit a quality report, which they may have helped to write, if they only submit budgetary costs and analysis. Estimators are called cost engineers. They can be found in a variety of different firms.

As an Estimator, you could be estimating for a school, road, bridge, shopping centre, residential area or sewage works. Estimators may be involved in small, one-off projects or larger, long-term projects. If you want to become an estimator, you need to have work experience.

Employers would like you to have experience in managing construction projects and be familiar with the industry. Studying and completing a relevant work experience is beneficial. If you get a job as an administrator, you can progress to become an estimator, as the firm that employs them also employs estimators.

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