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Published: 6 Aug 2021

A Chief Meteorologist, Climate Matters: Communicating Climate Change with Broadcast Meteorologists, A Weather Forecaster at WGNO-TV and more about chief meteorologist job. Get more data about chief meteorologist job for your career planning.

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A Chief Meteorologist

Depending on where someone works, the job can require a mixture of good communication skills for members of the general public who may not understand advanced science as well as a thorough grounding in weather topics. A chief meteorologist needs good management and people skills to keep people working together. The work can include attending conferences to build professional connections, exchange information about the profession, and learn about new trends.

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Climate Matters: Communicating Climate Change with Broadcast Meteorologists

The evening newscast had a short segment on the beer story. It marks a shift. Climate change is becoming hard to ignore.

TV meteorologists are taking the lead in educating the public about how climate change affects their lives to help their viewers understand what is happening around them. TV meteorologists were hesitant to discuss climate change. They didn't include long-term trends and patterns in their education.

Their time on air is limited. Some stations may not be friendly to climate change. Many meteorology professors feel it is not their responsibility.

Climate Central, George Mason and Yale universities, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the American Meteorological Society collaborated on a project in 2010 to explore how broadcast meteorologists could better communicate climate change. Climate Central launched Climate Matters in order to help meteorologists talk about climate change in and with their communities. Climate Central chief meteorologist and director of Climate Matters, Bernadette Woods Placky, says that more people are connecting the dots about how climate change is already affecting people.

Climate Matters aims to empower people to prepare for impacts like floods, heatwaves, and elevated food prices. Woods Placky says that they are a resource to help meteorologists tell their local story. Climate Matters gives webinars to help meteorologists understand topics such as climate models, health impacts, and extreme precipitation events.

A Weather Forecaster at WGNO-TV

Do you want to use your education, experience, training and drive to make a difference in society? Do you want a full time job? WBNS is a CBS station in Columbus, OH and they are looking for a meteorologist.

The position is responsible for engaging with the audience. The weekend weather forecaster at New Orleans's WGNO-TV would be passionate about forecasting tropical systems and tracking severe weather. New Orleans is the major league capital of tropical.

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