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Published: 27 Jan 2020

City Carrier Assistants: Experience and Qualification, Postal Exam 474 for City Carrier Assistants, Work at the Postal Service, NALC: The worst sellout ever and more about city carrier assistant job. Get more data about city carrier assistant job for your career planning.

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City Carrier Assistants: Experience and Qualification

A carrier assistant is responsible for delivering mail to residents and businesses. Their duties include traveling by foot, bike or postal vehicle, organizing mail by address and delivering parcels and envelopes to the correct addresses. The United States Postal Service has city carrier assistants who deliver mail to residents and businesses in certain areas.

They use their knowledge of the postal laws to keep mail services up to date. They answer questions about the mail services they offer and interact with residents on a daily basis. They change addresses on parcels or envelopes for residents to receive at their new address.

They can use electronic scanning and other technologies to confirm the package. The average mail carrier makes $19.10 per hour. The opportunity for consistent overtime pay is one of the reasons that City Carrier Assistant positions are competitive.

Depending on location, experience and the company's needs, salaries can range. It is not a requirement for those seeking City Carrier assistant positions to have prior experience in a delivery role. The on-the-job training program is enough for inexperienced applicants.

The delivery methods they use and the environment they work in are different between a City Carrier Assistant and a Rural Carrier. Rural carriers work in rural areas while city carrier assistants work in towns. The way they deliver and collect mail is influenced by their work environments.

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Postal Exam 474 for City Carrier Assistants

There are four different types of City Carrier positions. The Postal exam 474 is required for all applicants. You will find job postings for all four categories at local Post Offices.

Wages, benefits, and hours are provided individual job postings. The acronym CCA stands for City Carrier Assistant 1, and City Carrier Assistant 2, and they are both entry level jobs that can lead to career positions. The functions and wages are the same.

If there are senior City Carrier employees at the facility, the career position is offered to the senior City Carrier. The Postmaster will post an open job listing for a career City Carrier position if there are no CCAs at that facility. The term of a CCA is typically between 180 and 270 days and can be reappointed for additional days.

Work at the Postal Service

Work is done in all weather. Carriers may be required to load and unload mail and parcels weighing 70 pounds or more. Postal service mail carriers deliver mail to homes and businesses in towns and cities.

Most travel established routes. Carriers cover their routes by foot, vehicle or combination. Money is collected by some mail carriers for postage.

Postal products, such as stamps and money orders, are sold by others. To be accepted, applicants must pass a physical exam and a drug test. They may be asked to show they can lift heavy mail sacks.

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NALC: The worst sellout ever

Thanks to NALC, for the worst sellout you have ever done, management can treat carriers just like they would all of us if they could get away with it. You won't admit the adjustments would be unfair and deny grievances just like you did with Jrap, so we'll get screwed with nowhere to turn.

The City Carrier Assistant Resume

A City Carrier Assistant is in charge of delivering mail and correspondence to customers on time. The City Carrier Assistant resume includes common duties and responsibilities that are linked to the post, such as loading the mail into the van to be delivered, planning the delivery routes, sorting and organizing mail, lifting and transporting mail, collaborating with distribution clerks, collecting money for COD mail, and obtaining

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