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Published: 25 Feb 2020

Claims Examiners, Insurance Claims Processors: Career Opportunities and Pay, Claims Examiners, Computer-Algebraic Skills in Claims Analysis, The National Average Salary for Process Associates and more about claims associate job. Get more data about claims associate job for your career planning.

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Claims Examiners

A claims specialist is a key part of the insurance industry. The main responsibilities of claims examiners are to process claims, negotiate settlements, and review insurance cases.

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Insurance Claims Processors: Career Opportunities and Pay

Insurance claims processors decide whether an insurance company will pay a claim. They might send checks to homeowners for damage to their property. Some areas have better career prospects than others.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a decline in jobs for claims professionals through 2029, but they think there will be higher demand for processors. Skills and qualities are important for claims processor success. Many claims involve complex paperwork, so claims processors must be detail oriented.

They need strong customer service and people skills to deal with angry, emotional or frustrated clients. Communication skills are required for the job so that the processor can communicate effectively. Managers and investigators with clients.

There is no need for claims processors to have extensive education. More than half of claims processors had a high school degree by 2020. Others had an associate's degree.

Vocational schools offer certificate programs in claims processing. Studies include courses industry terminology, information coding, keyboard information processing, administrative procedures, software applications and business communications. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median annual income for insurance claims and policy processing clerks was $42,050 in May 2020.

The claims examiners make sure that the claims are reviewed in a proper manner. Health insurance companies evaluate costs for a particular medical condition to see if they are in line with industry standards. They can authorize payment, deny the claim or ask investigators to investigate further.

Extra payments that life insurance companies make for accidental death are what make those who work for them so thorough in their investigations. They make sure that new applicants don't have any serious illnesses that would prevent them from getting coverage. Insurance investigators step in when the company suspects that a claim may not be what it seems, or that criminal activity is involved.

Their work involves a lot of monitoring. They can watch people who claim back injuries to see if they actually do physical activity. They can record their observations on video.

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Computer-Algebraic Skills in Claims Analysis

Strong mathematical and computer skills are required of individuals who want to become claims analyst. The main job of an insurance company's claims reviewer is to review claims for completeness and accuracy, as well as establishing that the damages are covered by their policies.

The National Average Salary for Process Associates

Process associates are supervised by a production manager. Their duties include presenting reports and suggestions. The National Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the demand for operations research analysts will rise by 27 percent through the year of 2026.

Companies in every industry are looking to improve their manufacturing processes. A bachelor's degree in management information systems is required for process associates. Topics of coursework include organizational communication, data management, structured query language, and similar areas of study.

The national average salary for process associates is $48,415. The lowest end of the scale makes $46,081, while the highest end makes $52,749. The Association of Business Process Management Professionals International is the go-to organization for process associates.

It has thousands of members and chapters all over the country. It also provides educational resources to members. The International Institute of Business Analysis was founded in 2003 and has grown into one of the most respected professional organizations for process associates.

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The Claims Associate Resume

A claims associate will investigate claims and the insured client. The most common work activities listed on the claims associate resume include ensuring applicable coverage to individual after investigating and evaluating claims and policy information, performing interviews and gathering all statements, investigating and making reports, evaluating progress for all claims, coordinating with team leader and attorneys, and maintaining records of all benefits. The most common qualifications for the job are researching skills, investigation skills, negotiation skills, attention to details, knowledge of insurance claims, procedures and policies, and ability to conduct and investigate claims.

A college degree insurance studies is important on successful resume. As a claims associate, you are responsible for assisting customers in determining need and eligibility of services available, calculating and assigning appropriate reserves to claims, and managing reserve adequacy throughout the life of the claim. A claims associate professional with demonstrated success is the headline.

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