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Published: 15 Feb 2020

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The Clinical Assistant Professor

The clinical assistant professor has their responsibilities assigned by the academic department head. The Clinical Assistant Professor contributes to a learning environment that encourages knowledge, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures.

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Clinical Instructors

The Faculty of the School of Medicine is usually a part-time position. Faculty who provide clinical service may hold academic ranks with a clinical prefix and receive a salary in exceptional circumstances. The instructor should have a degree in education. Faculty members who have completed post-graduate training but have no teaching experience are recommended for an initial appointment at the rank of Clinical instructor.

Continuing Contract Faculty Appointments

The University's commitment to enhance academic excellence and to provide students with the best educational experience will be reflected in the appointment processes for Continuing Contract Faculty. The University will evaluate each Continuing Contract Faculty appointment and reappointment on the basis of the contribution it makes to the school, including its educational and training programs, and will demonstrate its commitment to appoint and retain the best faculty in all disciplines. The initial appointment can be made for a few years.

Reappointment can be made for a period of three years. The initial appointment is for one to three years for Clinical Associate Professors. A series of one year contracts will not exceed 3 years.

Clinical faculty can be recommended by the department chair or director for a series of one-year or two-year full time contracts. The Divisional Dean should receive notification of reappointment decisions by March 15th. Faculty members on longer multiyear contacts are subject to formal review in the third year of continuous one-year appointments.

Faculty members will only be allowed to be on the job for three consecutive years. They will either be provided with a multi-year contract or not reappointed after three such contracts. Faculty members on longer multi-year contracts are subject to review in the first semester of the third year of continuous service, but the faculty member on continuing two-year contracts will not be.

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Online Nursing Assistant Professor Jobs

As an assistant professor, you teach courses on nursing theory and practices. The basics of interviewing patients, taking vital signs and assessing patient and the clinic's health risks are covered in your instruction. General nursing, family practice surgery and specialties are some of the topics covered in courses.

Students are supervised in laboratory sessions and fill work slots in student health centers. The assistant clinical professors are expected to produce scholarly works. Clinical teaching and work experience are important for an assistant professor job.

You need a track record of practice in the specialty you want to teach. The nursing schools look for applicants with diverse clinical background. Experience in rural settings can enhance your employment chances.

Assistant Professor Position in Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the college is looking for an assistant professor. The psychology major in the department has a minor in human.

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The Jump Trading Simulation Education Center

The United States has 11th ranked in producing primary care physicians. OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is a tertiary care facility with a population of over 2 million people. The Jump Trading Simulation Education Center is a world-class facility with over 40,000 square feet of space which provides the highest level of clinical education, medical research, and training.

Research Assistants

At universities and colleges, assistant professors teach and conduct research. They help professors, guide and supervise graduates, and conduct investigations. Assistant professors can serve on committees.

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A Clinical Assistant Professor Lecturer for Interdisciplinary Studies and Critical Thinking

The College of Nursing Dean needs candidates with a PhD and academic and scholarly accomplishments to be considered. The Department of Professional Studies at the University of Alabama is looking for a Clinical Assistant Professor Lecturer to help with the development of undergraduate courses in the areas of interdisciplinary studies and critical thinking. POSITION:

The Assistant Professor Position in a Research Center

Newly appointed assistant professors are responsible for educating students and publishing papers in electronic media or books. The assistant professor resume describes some of the job duties that include developing and executing instructional materials, guiding and mentoring research scholars, supervising student performance, supporting and managing teaching staff, taking part in departmental or college events, training the students for fairs and projects and grading papers and tests. The assistant professors should have the necessary skills and qualifications, such as proven work experience in the similar line, a thorough knowledge of teaching and researching techniques, excellent communication and mentoring abilities, and a good knowledge of educational curriculum and student management techniques. Most of the assistant professors have a degree in the related field.

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Sample Resume for the Post of Clinical Assistant

A clinical assistant is a medical personal who performs specified healthcare duties and assists the doctor in administering care and treatment to patients to facilitate smooth flow of healthcare practices. The clinical assistant job description states that they should provide basic and direct care to patients as directed by a certified healthcare provider and ensure good patient care experience in the clinic. The clinical assistant records and obtains information from patients to help the healthcare provider in administering proper treatment to them.

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