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Published: 21 Sep 2021

Administration for Community Living, Community in Public Health: A Cluster Analysis of the Philadelphia LinCS Project, Health Education Specialists, Supported employment services for people in need and more about community living specialist job. Get more data about community living specialist job for your career planning.

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Administration for Community Living

The Administration for Community Living was created to ensure that older adults and people with disabilities are able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities.

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Community in Public Health: A Cluster Analysis of the Philadelphia LinCS Project

Qualitative interviews were conducted with 25 African Americans in Durham, NC, 26 gay men in San Francisco, Calif., and 25 injection drug users in Philadelphia, Pa., to identify strategies to support community collaboration in HIV vaccine trials. The responses to the question "What does the word community mean to you?" were analyzed. The way community was described was analysed using a cluster analysis.

The listings summarized whether or not each code was applied to the person's text. The text of all persons within each group was summarized in a matrix. Johnson's Hierarchical clusters were created in ANTHROPAC21 to identify core elements used to define community.

The analysis helped identify similarities in the way people defined community and the extent to which those similarities affected participants. The foundation for community was formed by social ties. In some instances, such relationships were described as requiring little effort or ongoing acknowledgment on the part of the individual.

The types of relationships cited were family, parents, siblings, cousins, roommates, lovers, partners, friends, neighbors, associates, coworkers, acquaintances and support groups. The word "dilution" refers to descriptions of community fragmented or lack of unity, often expressed as an over emphasis on individualism and self-interest. The need for a perceived lack of responsibility on the part of community members was discussed in the context of Divisiveness.

Responsibility was discussed in terms of how people should be held responsible for their own behavior, as well as how their behavior affects the community as a whole. Responsibility and leverage were discussed together. The Philadelphia investigators had a relationship with IDUs that was centered on a storefront research program.

Health Education Specialists

Health education specialists educate people about healthy lifestyles. They use health-focused strategies to improve the well-being of their community members. Health education specialists work with individuals, families, and communities to create, implement, oversee, and analyze programs and strategies that promote health and well-being.

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Supported employment services for people in need

People can get supported employment services to keep them in their community. A supported employment specialist is matched with the person to help them find a job and to support them through the process.

A Practical Guide for Solo Living

It is necessary for a solo living to have the ability to balance a checkbook, pay the bills, understand basic home maintenance, cook a meal, and provide for oneself. Basic skills of cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping are more important when a person has a mental or physical disability. The elderly and teenagers are just beginning their journey.

Independent Living Specialists help people find resources and teach them how to live independently. You have a lot of clients who share similar situations. Your clients may have physical disabilities, be mentally ill, or fall into a specific age group.

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The Independent Living Specialist Position Description

The job description for Independent Living Specialist is to help people in a wide range of fields. The work activities listed on the Independent Living Specialist resume include assisting families and communities in getting aids and grants from government and private agencies, coordinating with program managers, educating youth towards right direction, ministering youth behavior, managing transportation of clients to appointments, formulating documents and paperwork, and providing support and guidance The Independent Living Specialist with 3 years of experience is looking to get a responsible position where he can help the organization grow in value.

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