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Published: 27 Oct 2021

Candidate Summary: Composite Technicians, A Composite Technician's Credential, A Technician in the Field of Composites, Customer Service and Technology, A Certified Technician for the Assembly of Molded Parts and more about composite technician job. Get more data about composite technician job for your career planning.

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Candidate Summary: Composite Technicians

You can become a composite technician if you want to work with new aircraft parts, use oven processes and vacuum techniques to maintain and repair aircraft components made of fiberglass and other carbon materials, and work with carbon materials. You are responsible for understanding technical plans and blueprints and using precision tools. A technician with a skills set that includes communication, technical writing, and presentation skills are called a composite technician. Candidates with relevant experience are required to have project management skills.

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A Composite Technician's Credential

A high school diploma or GED certificate is one of the qualifications for a technician job. Past experience with specific production materials is helpful, as is previous work in assembly and fabrication from a trade or Vocational school. The preparation of the composites, adherence to the set procedure and specifications, and minor repair of the equipment are all different responsibilities of a composite technician.

A Technician in the Field of Composites

A technician employed in a manufacturing environment will become a skilled resource that will be an example for manufacturing technologies, processes and practices. A technician in the field of Composites is involved in a variety of processes in the production and creation of materials and components that are used in a range of applications including but not limited to: airplanes, cars, boats, turbine blades, oil & gas rigs, bridges, trains and satellites. They provide knowledge and skills that support manufacturing programmes and projects and may be used in the areas of design, tooling, mould, lay-up, curing, machining, inspection, testing, repair and material production. The Technician may have other areas of technology that they are responsible for as they grow in competence and expertise.

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Customer Service and Technology

A level one technician can manage the tasks of cleaning the mouse, changing the printer toner, and checking the cables. Changing the CMOS settings and running diagnostic software some of the more complex tasks that would be advanced to a level two technician. If a customer is too friendly, the technician should not interrupt the customer but try to get the customer to stop talking after they finish speaking.

An escalate work order is prepared when a problem cannot be solved in a certain amount of time. The technician at level two gets a work order with a description of the problem. The technician level two then calls the customer back to ask more questions and resolve the problem.

A technician needs authorization from the customer to make changes to a computer. Even if it is legal, the presence of another technician or other witnesses does not entitle the technician to install or modify software. A technician should always follow company policies for problem escalation, but in general a problem should be escalate to a level two technician if it involves an advanced procedure that could cause serious damage to user equipment, data loss, or cause a widespread outage.

If the technician does not have the skills to properly diagnose and fix the issue, it should be sent to a level two technician. Good customer service is meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Service technicians are expected to be on time and to communicate if they are late.

A Certified Technician for the Assembly of Molded Parts

The knowledgeable technician has exceptional skill with assembly of molded parts using the resins. Excellent preparation abilities allow for intense heat and pressure for curing. Is a Certified Technician through the American Composites Manufacturers Association and has over eight years of experience.

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The Post of a Composite Technician in the U.S

The job code is AS20211609-69526 and it is located in Tucson, AZ. You will work in a fast paced environment with a focus on quality as a Composite Technician C. You will work in a fast paced environment with a focus on quality and attention to detail as a Composite Technician B.

Fabrication of various types of composites will be included in the tasks. You will work in a fast paced environment with a focus on quality and attention to detail as a Composite Technician. Fabrication of various types of composites is required.

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