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Published: 17 Aug 2021

Project Administrators: A Resource for Project Management, An Administrative Assistant in Construction, Project Executives: A Field Engineer'S Perspective, Contract Administration in Construction and more about construction project administrator job. Get more data about construction project administrator job for your career planning.

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Project Administrators: A Resource for Project Management

Projects are not done by a single person. Stakeholders have a vested interest. Project managers are the ones who plan, monitor and manage teams, but they can't do it all on their own.

There can be many employees working to make sure everything is running smoothly. For one thing, projects are notorious for creating piles of paperwork. Someone has to keep a record of the paper trail.

Engineering, pharmaceutical, healthcare, research and more are some of the industries that hire project administrators. They find employment at organizations that handle more complex jobs, and therefore need larger project teams. The project administrator is the right person to deal with smaller tasks so the project manager can focus on bigger ones.

A project administrator position can be a stepping stone to a project manager. They are in a close relationship with the project manager and receive almost an apprenticeship. That doesn't mean that a project administrator can take over the project manager.

They should get certified first, and understand methodology. It is a great experience. Those who are applying with little or no experience need to be educated.

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An Administrative Assistant in Construction

Administrative tasks and projects are carried out by administrators. You could be in charge of project meetings as an administrator in the construction industry. You would be typing up documents, responding to business inquiries, and providing customer service.

Strong IT skills are needed because you are likely to be processing a lot of information using a computer. Communication skills are important to the office. As an administrator, you will be responsible for keeping the business up to date by filing and documentation.

Project Executives: A Field Engineer'S Perspective

The years of experience of a Project Executive is more about how many projects they have overseen. A Project Executive or Senior Project Manager has overseen a few projects before they are seen as senior. Senior Project Managers typically have 15-20 years of experience working in the P.M. capacity before they are added in.

Project Executives usually oversee a few projects at a time. They rely on the Project Managers to manage the day to day, and instead focus on making sure the higher-level stuff comes together, including a healthy client relationship. Project Executives spend 1-2 days per week on any project, so they have a big-picture perspective.

They work with project managers to make sure plans are carried out. Construction Project Managers have a minimum of 7 years of experience in the industry. They have worked on every phase of a project at least once and have been trained in the trade.

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Contract Administration in Construction

Let's look at what constitutes a contract in the construction sector. A contract administrator in construction is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. The contract administrator will usually read through the contract to make sure they understand what is required.

An experienced contract administrator can identify the advantages and disadvantages of a contract based on the scope of work. The contract administrator is supposed to review the contract and negotiate the most favorable terms for the parties they represent. Negotiating construction contracts is very important because of the risk profile.

The contract sets out the terms of the agreement. The contract contains detailed clauses that describe the agreement in detail to make sure that all parties are aware of what is expected of them. The contract administrator in construction is dealing with payment matters.

They must follow the rules in the contract. The parties will be paid the correct amount on the due date. The contract administrator in construction needs to understand how the contract is put together in order to administer it correctly.

Basic and general knowledge of legal terminology is required. Delay and avert any chance of a dispute are the things that should be minimized. A good contract administrator will take into account the contract program during the project.

Project Administrators

If you have a natural inclination to keep things orderly, you might want to consider a job as a project administrator. Managing large projects can be as difficult as managing a small business. Project administrators are often used by project managers to address details that could slip through the cracks.

The project manager can function at a more strategic level if the project administrator keeps the team focused on tasks. Project administrators want to track tasks to completion. When there is a risk that something won't meet a deadline, they contact team members for status updates and notify the project manager.

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Contract Administrators

The responsibilities of a contract administrator can be varied depending on the project type and the professional appointment under which the contract administrator is appointed. A contract administrator is in charge of contracts made between building contractors and employers. They are responsible for administering construction contracts, which may include project managers, engineers, consultants and client representatives.

They should be agreed on by the construction company and the client, and may be different for each project. The contract administrator is in charge of the contract from the award stage to the end of the contract. The role of contract administrator is not technically begun until a building contract is in place between the employer and the contractor, however there may be an implied requirement for the contract administrator to perform pre-contract services, which will be covered by a formal or informal arrangement with the employer.

The contract administrator's duties will usually be derived from the form of building contract, while the method of procurement will determine the contract administrator's role. The standard of care to be exercised by the contract administrator is usually set by the professional appointment for the contract administrator. The contract administrator could be the employer or one of its personnel.

Practical difficulties may arise in respect of impartiality, where such an approach is adopted. Ensuring that the construction contract is administered fairly and effectively is something that the contract administrator can add value to. Selecting an experienced contract administrator and providing for a clear responsibilities from the beginning are the keys to a successful contract administrator relationship.

A Resume Example of a Construction Administrator

One of the most important tasks that a construction administrator can do is to work with contractors and other departments to make sure projects run smoothly, by issuing technical plans and instructions or carrying out on-site inspections. Construction administrators have to coordinate projects, which involve overseeing and monitoring projects from the initial stages through to the completion, and ensuring that necessary regulations are met, while also making sure that relevant documents are prepared at each interval. To be qualified for the position of a construction administrator, you need to have certain skills and qualities, including excellent communication skills, excellent time management skills, and exceptional.

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