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Published: 2 Jan 2019

Custodial Workers: A Job Description and Qualification, Custodian'S Guide, A Candidate for the Post-Maintenance Job in Custodial Care, Custodial Maintenance: Experience and Qualification and more about custodial worker job. Get more data about custodial worker job for your career planning.

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Custodial Workers: A Job Description and Qualification

A custodial worker is responsible for general cleaning and maintenance. Your job duties include emptying trash cans, cleaning floors, and maintaining the appearance of the building. A high school diploma or equivalent GED certification is required for a custodial worker career.

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Custodian'S Guide

A good custodian is someone who is dedicated to maintaining the building and its grounds. They should find satisfaction in the work they do as it allows them to be of service to others and also find fulfillment in cleaning. A good custodian should be loyal and trustworthy because they will most likely be working without supervision later in the day or even at night when daytime office workers aren't present.

A Candidate for the Post-Maintenance Job in Custodial Care

The janitors are responsible for maintaining the premises clean. Those who want to work as a Custodial Worker should mention their cleaning expertise, good level of fitness, and attention to details in their resume. Basic needs nursing and custodial care related to being protective care or services. The custodial parent has sole or primary custody of the child.

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Custodial Maintenance: Experience and Qualification

The ideal candidate will have experience in a custodian role. They will be able to cover a large space. In custodial maintenance jobs, a keen eye for detail and diligence is required.

Custodian duties in a large facility

Building cleaners keep many buildings clean and sanitary, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. The size of the facility, the number of employees and the number of patrons are all factors that affect the duties. Some custodians perform more than cleaning duties.

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Custodian Job Description

The custodian job description includes a lot of tasks. They are used to ensure that the building, facilities and public spaces stay sanitary. Cleaning and caring for facilities are some of the responsibilities of a janitor.

You don't need a college degree to get a job as a custodian. You have to be able to fulfill the requirements in the job description. Basic knowledge of using and maintaining cleaning equipment, as well as various other tools, is required.

Experience in Custodial Work

Six months of experience performing custodial work, such as mopping and scrubbing floors, waxing and polishing floors and furniture, and related duties, is required.

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