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Published: 7 Feb 2020

The Manager of Dairy and Frozen Goods, Dairy Herdsman Position Description, The Process of Development: An Overview, Dairy Farm Management, Comparing Market Rates for Dairy Workers and more about dairy manager job. Get more data about dairy manager job for your career planning.

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The Manager of Dairy and Frozen Goods

The manager of dairy and frozen goods must make sure that the storage temperatures are kept low so that milk and vegetables don't get soft, and that the operations are done well. The manager looks for areas that need improvement and develops strategies to improve the sales function. The manager looks at the way merchandise is handled to find ways to increase productivity.

The dairy and frozen food manager talks to staff about customer service issues. Quality service is provided that complies with customer needs, if the manager goes over current procedures. The manager tries to resolve the customer's complaints in a timely manner.

If a customer complains about short-dated yogurt, the manager can give the customer a free yogurt. The manager takes steps to make sure that old products don't stay on display. The staff members are trained in their job responsibilities by the department manager.

The manager teaches how to handle sales on a seasonal basis. The manager explains that the department needs more inventory of specialty cheeses and ice cream when they go on sale before holidays. For example, department employees learn how to suggest a premium ice cream in order to increase sales.

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Dairy Herdsman Position Description

A herdsman is responsible for the care of dairy cattle. Ensuring that milk production quota is met is one of the things they are concerned with. The herdsman must be qualified to operate the machines and to deal with mechanical issues as they arise.

The dairy inspector requires that the milk parlor be clean and up to standards. The herdsman must ensure that tasks are completed in a timely fashion and that dairy employees are well-stocked. Additional duties may include transporting animals to and from auctions, raising hay or other forages, providing basic farm maintenance, or any additional duties assigned by the farm owner.

There are a variety of fringe benefits for dairy herdsman positions. Free housing and utilities, medical insurance, and paid vacation are some of the additional benefits that can be found. A herdsman can move into many areas of dairy management.

They can also work in positions related to dairy inspection, beef herd management, cattle product sales, veterinary pharmaceutical sales, and other agricultural interests. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects little or no change in the job growth for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers. The consolidation of acres under fewer, but larger farms has been caused by the efficiency of large-scale crop production.

Small farms are vulnerable to poor market conditions and will likely close over the next decade. The dairy shirkels work on dairy farms. They can work indoors or outdoors, and they can treat sick animals.

The Process of Development: An Overview

The combination of standard operating procedures and training leads to an effective and motivated workforce. Dairy managers and advisers benefit from consistent work performance. Workers benefit from increased confidence and a sense of achievement.

The steps are the smaller actions that form a procedure. The basic operating procedure for prepping cows, attaching milking units, and post-dipping is shown in Figure 2. The procedure is made up of small steps.

If procedures are not standardized, there will be variation among different workers. Managers can use standard operating procedures to make sure everyone does the same thing. Managers can choose from a number of different ways to organize and format operating procedures.

Your goal is to make a document that is easy to understand use for the work you are doing. Managers should use a graphic format when writing procedures. The graphic format breaks long processes into short subprocesses.

Workers can learn several short subprocesses in a single procedure. The graphic procedure format is shown in Figure 5. The development of the SOP is important to successful implementation.

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Dairy Farm Management

The primary duty of a dairy farmer is to make sure that their cows produce the maximum amount of milk. Personnel management skills are beneficial to a dairy farm manager because they are used to supervising a lot of employees. Dairy farmers care for cows that supply milk and harvest it.

Some dairy farmers own their herds and land. Corporations own large farms in the food and agriculture industries. Some farms grow and harvest food for their cattle.

They may raise their own replacements. Direct, hands-on practical experience working on a farm with dairy cows is a must for becoming a dairy farmer. There is no substitute for learning the business from the ground up.

Most dairy farmers grow up on a farm or apprenticeship before venturing out on their own. Even if they inherit the family farm, most dairy farmers have at least a two- or four-year degree in dairy science, animal science, agriculture or a closely related field of study. The degree includes dairy science, antarctica, reproduction, crop science, farm management, technology, and agricultural marketing.

Most agricultural management jobs occur outdoors in varying weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Dairy farmers need to take proper safety precautions when working near large animals. Dairy farmers can be self-employed or work for a large corporate entity.

Comparing Market Rates for Dairy Workers

It is important to compare market rates. Many dairy staff are employed on a casual basis and are paid a casual loading of 25% so that their rates can appear high compared with someone who is employed part time or full time. The face value of a wage for a dairy farm employee may not be attractive compared to other industries.

You may be surprised at the value of the package when it is measured. Business managers are award free, but the Federal employment contract manager can be used to write their contract. The contract template should reference the National Employment Standards.

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