Dairy Queen Assistant Manager Job Description


Author: Lorena
Published: 18 Mar 2019

The Assistant Managers of the Dairy Queen Restaurant, The Assistant Manager role in a large hospitality business and more about dairy queen assistant manager job. Get more data about dairy queen assistant manager job for your career planning.

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The Assistant Managers of the Dairy Queen Restaurant

The Dairy Queen is one of the biggest international chains of fast food and soft serve restaurants. The company is managed by International Dairy Queen, Inc., and is looking for highly qualified individuals to join its team. If you want to work at Dairy Queen as a cashier, you need to have the ability to operate point of sale terminals or cash register at the store.

The main duty of a cashier is to process customer orders and inventory supplies in the store. You need to know all the products and services the company has to offer because there are times when you need to answer some of the customer's inquiries. The duty of the cashiers is to balance all sales that go into the register.

The counter is the most important part of the job because of its safety. The Dairy Queen restaurant manager has the responsibility of setting up team work and dedication among the employees while making the customers feel like they are part of a big family when dining at the restaurant. The restaurant managers are responsible for scheduling work shifts, keeping safety codes and security policies in place, and conducting inventory of food supplies.

It is their responsibility to hire qualified Team Members and their assessment must be based on the hiring standards of the company. It is within their power to conduct performance evaluation and appraisal, motivate and train staff, as well as takeDisciplinary action when necessary. The assistant managers at Dairy Queen are second in command have the responsibility of supervising all the team members on their assigned shift.

They are in charge of implementing all the policies and operational guidelines of the company, and other related responsibilities include taking part in hiring personnel, orienting and or assessing the performance of Team Members, coach newly hired members about all the key areas of the operations and they are also in charge of The assistant managers are responsible for keeping the restaurant premises clean. They need to make sure that the highest standard of product quality and excellent customer service is being implemented.

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The Assistant Manager role in a large hospitality business

You will have a lot of face time with guests and employees as the assistant manager. You will act as quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction by training employees and adhering to company policies. You will take the lead resolving issues, and cover when the Manager is not on duty.

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