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Published: 8 Jan 2019

DataStage ETL Platform for Enterprise-level Data Management and Transfer, Automated Alert Notification for Recovery of Jobs, Production Support Engineers, The Helpdesk of the Smallest Online Bookstore and more about data stage production support job. Get more data about data stage production support job for your career planning.

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DataStage ETL Platform for Enterprise-level Data Management and Transfer

DataStage developers use IBM's DataStage ETL platform to handle enterprise-level data management and transfer solutions. They ensure that the data is loaded correctly, transformed and extract the data in a way that is easy to read.

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Automated Alert Notification for Recovery of Jobs

An automated alert notification can be sent out when a job abends. The data center or operations team is keeping an eye on the jobs. They can call the person responsible for the recovery of the job or send an alert using e-mail, page, text or a combination of the two.

The specific infrastructure team is notified if the production error was due to infrastructure issues. The infrastructure team monitors the infrastructure to avoid the same error again after the permanent fix is implemented. The infrastructure team is not usually able to bill the time spent in resolving the issue at the full rate if the production error occurred due to unforeseen consequences of infrastructure changes.

Production Support Engineers

Production support engineers must act quickly to analyze the available data and find the root cause of the technical issues. They may either pass the problem on to other engineering team members or develop their own solution. Production support engineers are involved in all stages of the product development process.

They create internal software that can be used to automate key processes and platforms where customers can send inquiries and reviews. Production support engineers must note all details when logging product issues, as they prepare extensive documentation. Weekly reports, release notes for upgrades, and troubleshooting guides are some of the tasks that are common.

Production support engineers can easily suggest improvements to the product because they deal with product issues firsthand. They should evaluate engineering processes and give recommendations to increase efficiency. Most employers require production support engineers to have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, usually computer science, engineering, mathematics, or any of the hard sciences.

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The Helpdesk of the Smallest Online Bookstore

The company is developing the World. The smallest online bookstore has a chronically understaffed helpdesk group who provides two lines of support. They respond to and resolve customer queries. When an issue can't be solved with a simple phone call, chat, or email, they investigate to see if the problem is a defect or the platform being used in unexpected ways.

Defect Analysis on Field Returns

Tasked to use all the necessary resources to support the shipping schedule. Defect analysis on field returns, reviewed line defects, operator inputs, and machine shut downs were performed to identify corrective and preventative actions to be performed. Technical communication between design engineering, mold, supplier, and customer improved product quality and reduced cost.

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IBM WebSphere DataStage Developers

DataStage is used to interface different systems. It takes care of all the data related tasks. The IBM DataStage was renamed IBM WebSphere DataStage in 2005 after IBM procured it and it is the latest version.

The DataStage tool uses a high- performance identical framework, available in the cloud, and gives extensive Metadatadministration and enterprise connections. Big data in motion and heterogeneous data are combined on both mainframe and distributed platforms. An IBM DataStage Developer is also called a ETL Developer, and they supervise technology design and the testing and implementation of multiple tools plus solutions.

Datastage: A New Approach to Database Design

A data stage is a tool that is used to design, develop and execute various applications to fill multiple tables in a data warehouse. It is a program that can be used to change databases into data warehouses. It is an essential part of IBM's data integration suite.

Partition is a concept in datastage. There is no idea of partition and parallelism for the configuration of a nodes. Datastage is moreScalable than Informatica.

Datastage is more user-friendly than Informatica. DS manager defines routines as a collection of functions. It can be called via the transformer stage.

There are three types of routines. The three concepts are different in how they use the memory storage, how they compare input requirements and how they treat records. The Join and Merge stage requires less memory than the Lookup stage.

In Datastage, executing a job is validation. The Datastage engine checks whether all the required properties are provided. The Datastage engine checks whether the given properties are valid or not when a job is created.

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Error handling in Informatica

The reason is that the error handling is better in Informatica. Fix issues in Informatica is easier. Datastage does not provide complete error handling support.

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