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Published: 5 Mar 2020

Exceptional Business Development Officers, Community Development Officers, Training Staff, The UNM Foundation: Strategic Fundraising, A Training and Development Officer, Essential Development Officers and more about development officer job. Get more data about development officer job for your career planning.

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Exceptional Business Development Officers

Business development officers are employed by companies to increase their sales and profits. They identify profitable business opportunities and secure sound business deals. To be successful as a business development officer, you need to be able to negotiate and make sound decisions that benefit the company. An exceptional business development officer should have strong business skills, as well as excellent management, communication, and analytical skills.

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Community Development Officers

Community development officers work for a variety of organizations. The position may exist on a smaller scale in corporate settings, where community development officers often oversee community projects and outreach. It takes experience in the community development arena to get into an officer's position. Many people start out in assistant positions before they are eligible to become community development officers.

Training Staff

Trainers help staff with practical skills and motivation to carry out work. Training officers can either deliver the training themselves or arrange for a third party trainer to do it.

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The UNM Foundation: Strategic Fundraising

The University operating unit has a strategic fundraising effort that supports the design, implementation, evaluating, and refining of the unit's development activities. In accordance with performance targets set by the UNM Foundation, personally identifies, cultivates, solicits, and stewards major gift donors and prospects. The unit fosters collaborative relationships with development colleagues and University constituents by coordinating solicitation efforts, developing internal processes and procedures, and aligning marketing and outreach efforts.

A Training and Development Officer

A training and development officer is in charge of learning and professional growth. Proper training helps staff understand a job, it helps them get new practical skills and it helps them carry out certain tasks.

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Essential Development Officers

Development officers help employees in an organization to improve their skills and motivation in order to carry out their tasks better. The responsibilities of an essential development officer include identifying training needs, implementing employee appraisal schemes, implementing development programs, monitoring expenses, creating individual learning plans, adapting programs to changes in work environments, and applying e-learning techniques.

EDOs: Employment Opportunities in Tourism

EDOs work with tourism officers to get funding to develop and market local attractions. They may be involved in training employees. EDOs work with other organizations.

They may include the Government Office for the region, local authorities, regional development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Business Link and Jobcentre Plus. EDOs work with a larger team to support the development of many initiatives. They may specialize in areas such as inward investment, European funding or business development.

They may cover all aspects of the economy in a smaller authority. EDOs are employed by local authorities in England, with opportunities in county, district, metropolitan district and city councils. Private consulting firms are also employers.

The number of EDOs employed by individual authorities varies according to the size of the authority. Some authorities only use one EDO, while economically depressed areas and those undergoing regeneration use a team of EDOs. Businesses and charities have formed partnerships with local authorities to help with economic development.

Candidates with experience in project management are preferred by employers. It is possible to have experience of town planning, community development, marketing, business advice or regeneration. Some employers prefer applicants who have put together bids before.

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