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Published: 28 Feb 2020

Direct Support Professionals, Degrees in Direct Support Professional Certification, Direct Support Professionals, A Support Professional for Persons with Disabilities, Sales Associate Jobs in B2B and C2C and more about direct support associate job. Get more data about direct support associate job for your career planning.

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Direct Support Professionals

Direct Support Care Professionals care for people with intellectual disabilities or illnesses. Their main duties include helping patients complete basic housekeeping tasks, transporting patients to appointments or other social outings, and keeping patients safe from potential health hazards in their surrounding environment. The Direct Support Professional is responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for the patient.

They work with the patient to strengthen their decision-making skills and encourage them to engage in more activities that will help strengthen their physical and mental health. Direct Support Professionals often teach patients how to complete certain tasks on their own. A high school degree is usually required by a Direct Support Professional.

Vocational schools and community colleges offer non- degree award programs. Basic safety techniques, including how to respond to emergencies, may be learned by a Direct Support Professional. Specific training may be required if state certification is required.

Basic nutrition, infection control, reading and recording vital signs, and personal hygiene training can be completed on-the-job or via specialized programs. Direct Support Professionals have to take time to become comfortable with their clients. Direct Support Professionals who work for agencies that receive Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement must receive minimal training and pass a competency evaluation to become certified.

Direct Support Professionals can complete a competency exam instead of participating in training to become certified in some states. Direct Support Professionals will need to be certified. Some certifications only require on-the-job training, while others require more extensive training.

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Degrees in Direct Support Professional Certification

Employers usually require a high school degree. If you have an associate or bachelor's degree in a related field, you can be more attractive to potential employers. Employees in some states are required to pass a challenge test or complete a professional training program.

California requires that direct support professionals complete two training segments of 35 hours each or pass an associated test to not complete one or both segments. Direct support professionals must complete a 120-hour training program within 120 days of their hire date. Direct support professionals work in residential care facilities.

A direct support professional is a person who helps an individual with a disability to lead a self-directed life and contribute to the community, and encourages attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion. A person with a disability may be provided with supports at home, work, school, church, and other places. A disabled person's needs are communicated by a DSP, who also acts as an advocate.

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A Support Professional for Persons with Disabilities

A support professional cares for people with disabilities, helps them to live independently, and works to integrate them into their communities. Top candidates have strong leadership skills. Those with codependence should be avoided.

Sales Associate Jobs in B2B and C2C

Without playing around with the jargon, let's look at the responsibilities of a sales associate. Whether you are on the hunt for a sales associate or are stepping into the role, here is a comprehensive job description to help you get started. Depending on who the end customer is, sales roles may be focused on B2b or B2C selling.

Commercial transactions between 2 businesses are involved in B2B sales. B2C sales involve selling directly to the consumer. The role of a sales associate is to drive B2C sales.

The consumer purchases directly from the sales associate. They are required to serve consumers with all the information they need to make a purchase. Sales associates need to offer an environment of confidence from the very beginning.

Consumers rely on the sales associates for advice and guidance when making purchases. The right solutions to customers' complaints is a part of the role of a sales associate. A sales associate wants to make sure that consumers enjoy a superior experience.

Sales associates need to master a number of skills. The requirements and expectations from candidates may be different from company to company. Sales associate duties are focused on dealing with consumers.

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Sales Associate Resumes

A Sales Associate is a vital part of the retail industry. Sales associates are usually responsible for welcoming customers into stores, selling products and services to customers and resolving complaints. The primary function of a sales associate is to sell.

They greet customers when they arrive at the store, interact with them and answer questions. Sales associates sell products to customers, suggest items to visitors, process payments and handle returns and refunds. They help resolve complaints and maintain good relationships with customers.

The Sales Associate is responsible for keeping the sales floor clean. Sales associates need to have experience in a sales position even if they are on a temporary basis. Some employers prefer candidates who have worked in similar roles.

The ideal candidates should have a basic knowledge of inventory management, point of sale systems and bookkeeping. They need to have the strength to stand walk for long periods while responding to questions and interacting with customers. Marketing experience can beneficial in promoting products and services.

Most candidates need a college course or apprenticeship. Some employers prefer candidates with a Level 2 Certificate or a Level 3 Diploma in Retail Skills Sales Professional for senior roles. Sales associates may need a degree in order to get a job.

A Family-Style Support Service Provided to the Rivers Nursing Home

Direct Support Professionals help people with physical or intellectual disabilities integrate into their communities. Their job is to improve the quality of life for their patients. Direct Support Professionals are usually tasked with helping with personal hygiene and grooming, organizing recreational activities, running errand, administering medication, and advocating for the needs and goals of disabled individuals. Providing a range of support services to disabled and elderly patients in residence at Rivers Nursing Home in Cleveland, working to improve, enrich, and respect the lives of residents facing the challenges of aging and declining medical conditions.

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Direct Service Professionals: A Challenge-Free Approach

Direct service professionals are not always easy to work with. They need to work with people who face challenges. They might work with people with severe mental retardation who are unable to care for themselves.

Using Tone and Gesture to Create Bond with Patients

Direct support professionals need to know how to relate to people with disabilities and tailor treatment to their needs. As the candidate explains the situation, try to analyze their tone and gestures. An ideal candidate would be able to create bonds with patients.

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NADSP Certification Program: How to Get Credit for Competence

The benefits of the program are powerful for practitioners, their employers and the people they support. Direct support professionals benefit from learning and applying best practices and evidence-based skills. The organizations that employ credentialed DSPs can provide stronger assurances of quality to funders and can proudly market their employment of nationally certified staff.

People receiving supports from certified DSPs will have the advantage of partnering with highly trained professionals committed to supporting them using ethical and effective interventions that they have mastered. According to anecdotal evidence, employees who complete rigorous credential programs stay on the job longer and provide better support. The three-tiered program of the NADSP certification program allows the ability to commit to the profession of direct support through its three-tiered program.

The requirements for certification with the E-Badge Academy are high through Web Courseworks. It allows for a better experience for submitting, reviewing, tracking and sharing the contributions of Direct Support Professionals. It also offers more opportunities to monitor progress and identify areas of improvement for direct support professionals.

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