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Published: 4 Mar 2020

Work overtime due to co-workers' absence, Direct Support Professionals, Support Professionals for Person with Disabilities, California requires that direct support professionals complete 120-hour training courses and more about direct support worker job. Get more data about direct support worker job for your career planning.

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Work overtime due to co-workers' absence

You might work longer hours because co-workers aren't showing up. You can't leave at your scheduled time if you exhibit violent, self-injurious, or destructive behaviors.

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Direct Support Professionals

Direct Support Care Professionals care for people with intellectual disabilities or illnesses. Their main duties include helping patients complete basic housekeeping tasks, transporting patients to appointments or other social outings, and keeping patients safe from potential health hazards in their surrounding environment. The Direct Support Professional is responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for the patient.

They work with the patient to strengthen their decision-making skills and encourage them to engage in more activities that will help strengthen their physical and mental health. Direct Support Professionals often teach patients how to complete certain tasks on their own. A high school degree is usually required by a Direct Support Professional.

Vocational schools and community colleges offer non- degree award programs. Basic safety techniques, including how to respond to emergencies, may be learned by a Direct Support Professional. Specific training may be required if state certification is required.

Basic nutrition, infection control, reading and recording vital signs, and personal hygiene training can be completed on-the-job or via specialized programs. Direct Support Professionals have to take time to become comfortable with their clients. Direct Support Professionals who work for agencies that receive Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement must receive minimal training and pass a competency evaluation to become certified.

Direct Support Professionals can complete a competency exam instead of participating in training to become certified in some states. Direct Support Professionals will need to be certified. Some certifications only require on-the-job training, while others require more extensive training.

Support Professionals for Person with Disabilities

A support professional helps people with disabilities care for themselves and maintain their independence. The needs of the clients and the policies of the employer will affect the actual services provided by a direct support professional. Direct support professionals provide instruction to clients in areas of self-care and hygiene, assist them with living independently or in a residential setting, and provide them with support in securing and maintaining employment.

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California requires that direct support professionals complete 120-hour training courses

Employees in some states are required to pass a challenge test or complete a professional training program. California requires that direct support professionals complete two training segments of 35 hours each or pass an associated test to not complete one or both segments. Direct support professionals must complete a 120-hour training program within 120 days of their hire date.

Direct support professionals work in residential care facilities. They provide daily help with tasks such as cooking meals, doing laundry and cleaning the home. They may spend time at physicians' offices accompanying patients to appointments or out running and attending social activities with their patients.

How to Help Your Clients Learn When To Help

Helping your clients learn to help themselves is part of working as a direct service professional. Every client or patient should learn how to act in a way that benefits them in the long-term. Employers often want direct service professionals who know when to help and when to stay out of trouble.

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