Disaster Restoration Technician Job Description


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Published: 5 Jan 2021

Restoration Technicians: A Job Description, Water Damage Restoration Technicians, Emergency and Disaster Response Technicians, Water Restoration Jobs: A Completer, 24 Hours Emergency Medical Assistance and more about disaster restoration technician job. Get more data about disaster restoration technician job for your career planning.

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Restoration Technicians: A Job Description

To be a successful restoration technician, you need to be fit, have a good understanding of safety gear, and be able to read blueprints. A restoration technician should have good communication skills and social awareness.

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Water Damage Restoration Technicians

Disasters such as fires or floods can be traumatic. You are the first person to help victims. You help the property owner figure out what can be restored and what options are available.

You can take satisfaction in helping someone put their life back together after the job is done. Basic hand tools are needed for restoration workers. You need to be able to lift 50 pounds frequently.

You need to be comfortable with personal protection equipment such as a respirator to protect you from mold. You need to read blueprints to know what a structure looked like before it was damaged. Communication skills and social awareness are important to interact with coworkers.

You need to assess what can be saved before you can restore a damaged property. You must clean and store the damaged property until you can return it to the home. You will remove damaged materials and install new ones.

The structural feature of a home that can be saved must be cleaned and sanitized. In the event of an emergency, restoration technicians can be called at all hours. Water damage issues are the main focus of a restoration technician.

Emergency and Disaster Response Technicians

Emergency and Disaster Response Technicians are at the forefront of relief when disaster planners and other specialists are not directing groups and resources. They are hazardous materials removal workers. Some will have general skills in relief, but they will have specialties in certain areas. They will be well-versed in public health and environment.

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Water Restoration Jobs: A Completer

Water Restoration jobs can be completed with the help of monitors, inspects and completes tasks. To include notes, photos and documents, you must prepare and review documentation.

24 Hours Emergency Medical Assistance

You will be on call for 24 hours at a time. Hours will be different. It could between 30 and 60 hours a week.

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Water Damage Restoration Technician: A Field Experience

It is a career path that leads to helping residents when they need it the most. As a water damage restoration technician, you can help home and business owners recover their property, their belongings and their peace of mind. You are in the field tackling all types of water mitigation projects if you are a WRT.

You are part of a team of highly trained technicians. You become familiar with the science behind the work as you progress through the learning stages. You understand the importance of psychrometry and how it applies to the restoration process.

You can maximize your understanding of course studies with on-the-job training. You work with experienced technicians who explain the details of water removal, containment and clean up. You will soon be confident in your abilities to tackle any job.

Fair hourly wages are always offered by established restoration companies. IICRC certification is considered a valuable asset on your resume. WRT jobs average an hourly pay rate of 14.

Highly experienced technicians can make more than $20 per hour. OT pay is often associated with water damage restoration. Customers will usually give a cash tip when a technician goes above and beyond expectations.

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